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Collections, as its name suggests, is a conglomeration of often conflicting parts. Delphic are heavily influenced by hip hop rhythms on this record and the dramatic synth lines which made their 2010 debut Acolyte so impressive take a back seat, as the band flirt with dubstep (‘Atlas’), beat-boxing (‘Exotic’), and Eastern-tinged funk (‘Baiya’). The album lacks direction and feels scattered; conflicting tones and textures are made all too visible through the overuse of blatantly commercial instrumentation.

Amidst this often confusing pastiche lies the graceful piano-driven track ‘Tears Before Bedtime’, in which layered vocal loops and post-dubstep percussion create a stunning atmosphere – but it isn’t enough to level out the album’s imbalances. The auspicious vision for modern electro-rock seen on Delphic’s 2010 debut Acolyte has been severely skewed as the group move towards a somewhat over-produced brand of synth-pop. The three-piece appear creatively burnt-out, and Collections is reflective of this. Regrettably, Delphic’s aesthetic is slowly becoming less and less memorable.

4/10 stars

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Lance Uppercut

Lance Uppercut said on the 20th Jan, 2013

I loved Acolyte....but this does kinda suck on first listen. :(


jkeesing said on the 21st Jan, 2013

i disagree with this review, from first analysis you sound like a disappointed acolyte fan who wanted 8-10 songs very similar to the previous album.which itself was good, but very the same from track 1 onwards. this album is unlike that, it shows a lot of creativity, shows that they are willing to change directions, moods and genre's. the album is strong, and reflects growth for delphic as musicians. you will never get the same album again and again, unless you're a fan of rihanna.


KeepCalmAndCarryOn said on the 22nd Jan, 2013

i was actually hoping for them to build their sound off the success of acolyte, not reproduce the same album. i give them credit for branching off and experimenting, most definitely, but it doesn't seem to me like they thought this album through all that much. it's all very scattered and underdeveloped, and feels a bit cheap to me. but that's just my opinion.


mondo22 said on the 22nd Jan, 2013

what a shame, I was looking forward to this. I guess I'll just have to make my own judgements


JozefPort said on the 16th Feb, 2013

this album deserves double than what it got. it's brilliant from start to finish. his voice is a mix of matt bellamy and jeff buckley and that song 'tears before bedtime' is one of the most hauntingly beautiful tracks i've ever heard.