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The Caesars - Jerk It Out

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The Caesars’ dubiously-titled track Jerk It Out began its rapid journey towards notoriety thanks to the Apple iPod television advertisement, which features a snippet of the catchy garage-pop track. The short grab is but a glimmer of the upbeat nature of the full song.

Taken from the forthcoming release Paper Tigers, this offering from the Swedish quartet is all about overexcited melodies and fun, fun, fun. Sure, it isn’t exactly the best or most memorable feel-good song ever written, but it can be quite the ticket if you are after some foot-shuffling goodness.

What really ties the song together is the organ’s repetitive strains. The resulting retro flavour is largely responsible for the infectious, cheerful atmosphere of the song. Another high point is the drumming towards the end of the track, which adds a nice touch and kicks off a groovy little breakdown, proving that there is more to this track than what you hear on television.

Even if you feel as though you’ve heard enough of the song in part to last you a lifetime, it is worth checking out. Come on and get happy, indeed.


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rooney said on the 21st Apr, 2005

"...some foot-shuffling goodness...catchy garage-pop...fun, fun, fun..." yes, well put, Zero, that absolutely sums it up for me. pop-tart version of the Hives with a Ravonettes feel about them. albums '39 Minutes of Bliss' 'Love for the Streets'[both w