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Blondie - Parallel Lines

Image For Blondie - Parallel Lines

September 2008 marks the thirtieth anniversary of Blondie’s best-known opus, their third studio album, Parallel Lines. To celebrate this, Capitol Records have released a deluxe edition of the collection, complete with the seven inch and album versions of the group’s biggest hit.

The compilation itself is a classic and perfect pop record, which is surprising as Blondie were originally punks who later experimented with disco, pop, and reggae sounds. Parallel Lines originally contained twelve songs and six of these were released as singles worldwide and became hits, including Hanging On The Telephone, One Way Or Another, Sunday Girl, Picture This and Heart Of Glass, with the first two exuding a real rock quality. The band’s drummer, Clem Burke always thought of Heart Of Glass as Kraftwerk meets Saturday Night Fever; and John Lennon was an acknowledged fan of this classic single.

Much has been written about this seminal pop record and the majority of readers would have previously heard the singles, so I will forego the lengthy song descriptions. Instead, it should be noted that the album has been voted in numerous polls as one of the greatest of all time. The re-release (like the previous issues) also contains the words to the poem, Parallel Lines by singer Deborah Harry, and the album art gives the illusion of it being lyrics to a non-existent song.

The bonus tracks offered here are a French version of Sunday Girl and a couple of remixes. A DVD is also included with the official videos for Heart Of Glass, Hanging On The Telephone and Picture This, in addition to a Top Of The Pops appearance for Sunday Girl. The only flaw here is that more footage should have been included, particularly for the singles that were overlooked.

In sum, the album sounds as fresh and of the moment as it presumably did back in 1978, a feat that is no doubt assisted by the current electro-pop trend. And while it is nice to have some bonus material from a group who has no doubt inspired a legion of others, nothing will ever really compare to the wonder of those twelve original songs.



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Humm said on the 10th Aug, 2008

Sure this is a great album, but does a 13th anniversary really warrant a re-issue?


DekarTyphon said on the 10th Aug, 2008

parallel lines is fucking amazing, but nat you really should have torn into the label for releasing this. it's essentially superfluous.