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Jebediah - Braxton Hicks

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When Jebediah’s Slightly Odway hit my young and naïve ears, I really didn’t like it. I thought the singer had some sort of nasal infection, the music was silly and the album was a waste of my unimportant time. How foolish I was. After forced repeated listenings on long car trips to Thredbo – thanks Adam! - I realised how good an album it actually was. It now rates as one of my favourite albums of all time and one that I couldn’t imagine being without.

I guess then it’s fair to say that subsequent albums from the Perth quartet have never fulfilled my expectations. But that’s just natural. Someday Shambles was ok, and their self-titled release wasn’t bad, but neither have matched their debut. It’s fair to assume then, that their newie, Braxton Hicks (named after the painless contractions a woman has before childbirth) was playing into a disadvantage when it spun around in my CD player. But sometimes the underdog wins.

The album launches into a killer of a beginning track, More Alone - classic Jebediah, although Kevin’s voice seems to have gained a lot more maturity. The second, Loaded Gun, simply rocks – if the first song was classic Jeb, then this is classic squared. With ripping lines such as “I’m a gravedigger, I’m a thief stealing your bones” you can just imagine a crowd of gig-goers singing along and jumping around in a frenzy.

There are a lot of softies in there too. Sew Your Life is amazingly sweet and serene, as Kevin sings out “In light of recent trends, come gather round your friends, come gather round your friends”, it’s hard to not feel a sense of happiness inside. Of course the single, First Time, is a relaxing little melody, though definitely not up to scratch with some of the other songs. The Seven Signs of Aging is a fun, lethargic achievement with great acoustics and electrics.

Some of the tracks are a little stale, but not terrible. The title song Braxton Hicks is a tad uninspiring, as is You Oughtta Know. Additionally, the album is a little short. It’s only 40 minutes, but I guess if an album finishes and you’re left wanting more, then the band has obviously hit a right chord.

Jebediah have clearly matured as a band and have developed their sound into a precise and pleasing package. Slightly Odway will never be defeated, but that’s like trying to beat Team USA in basketball (oh wait, they just did that didn’t they?). Further, this is Jebediah’s first album on their own record label, Redline Records and it’s absolute ripper. Congratulations to the band for stepping out and being creative. This is an excellent album and will please Jebediah fans of all shapes and sizes.


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Anton said on the 10th Sep, 2004

Nice review. Makes me want to reconsider my opinion of the Jebs.


Touchdown said on the 15th Sep, 2004

thanks! - I hope you agree!