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Image for The Living End, King Cannons, Hunting Grounds @ The Tivoli, Brisbane (01/09/2011)

The Living End, King Cannons,Hunting Grounds @ The Tivoli,Brisbane (01/09/2011)

One thing you have to hand to The Living End after seventeen years of bullet-fast rock music is their live sets still never fail to deliver an epic show. The Victorian boys’ new tour to promote their latest studio offering, The Ending is Just the Beginning Repeating, was a fair mix of the old and the new. However, it’s the fresh stuff that prove without a shred of doubt that no one does a gig like this band.

To start off the night’s affair at Brisbane’s Tivoli, King Cannons strut onto stage and take charge of a crowd that could have easily ignored them. Songs from their EP like Take The Rock and Teenage Dreams feel like songs you heard on the radio in the 80s alongside Bruce Springsteen and the Oils. Hunting Grounds (previously known as Howl) also look the part for their harder rock sound – with wild hair and a dark, animalistic feel to their music. Both opening bands are fantastic choices for the main event.

The Living End strut onto stage and launch straight into the first three tracks off their latest album. In The Morning is full of fleeting (but ferocious) solos while Heatwave is built for most pits – with a smouldering guitar part and an easy to sing chorus. The coup de grace of new songs however is Machine Gun – which manages to set off the crowd as easily as any of the band’s old favourites with a rapid-fire riff and bone-rattling drumming from Andy Strachan.

There are several songs you want from a Living End set, like All Torn Down , Roll On and How Do We Know – and the band tear through them all with easy grace and precision. Old hits continue when Chris Cheney announces, “This is a song we haven’t played in…forever,” and the band fall into Pictures In The Mirror. The old school rebellion-flavour of the early albums slides in nicely with new content. Loaded Gun comes next, and definitely benefits from a second guitarist joining the band for this tour.

Resist and Who’s Gonna Save Us fall a bit flat, but the outro of the latter leads into a ripper: Prisoner of Society. Fans consistently love hearing it, but the band might be tiring of it, with Cheney cheekily saying upon its conclusion, “Fuck that song.” Cheney then brings out an acoustic guitar for a rather different sounding Nothing Last Forever. It’s a serene interlude before the band goes back into overdrive for final songs including the old school Save the Day, new hit The Ending is Just the Beginning Repeating and White Noise – all of which set the crowd ablaze with fresh energy.

The encore consists of Away from the City and West End Riot. It’s easy to guess which song was more warmly received, but the band is clearly going the extra mile to show off the material they’re proud of. While some off the songs off The Ending will be quickly forgotten, others should stick in the Living End’s live arsenal for a while. What does this mean? Hopefully seventeen more years of blisteringly awesome live shows.


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kallan said on the 5th Sep, 2011

i'm surprised you didn't mention cheney's scarf, it stole the whole show! so much love for this band.


ZePpLiNs666 said on the 5th Sep, 2011

You do realize that the 10th month is October....


bigerkev said on the 6th Sep, 2011

hahahah, yeah it was a killer scarf - but i try and keep the reviews short and sweet :)

the momerath

the momerath said on the 14th Sep, 2011

a friend of mine has now seen tle 10 times, and said that this performance was definitely in his top 3. and now i know why! a great review :)