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Image for The Jezabels, Ernest Ellis, We Say Bamboulee @ the Metro, Sydney (8/4/2011)

The Jezabels, Ernest Ellis, WeSay Bamboulee @ the Metro,Sydney (8/4/2011)

We Say Bamboulee played to a small but appreciative crowd. An emerging Blue Mountains indie pop band of three young guys with similar hair cuts, two with beards, and the third guy looking so young he maybe couldn’t even grow a beard yet. The two singers are standing over keyboards and synths both singing harmonies, with a great drummer / percussionist on a low set minimalist kit. They play cutesy alternate pop tunes and dance around behind their keyboards with fresh energy, almost reminiscent of early Gerling, but without the backpacks. They are warmly received by the audience and make for a fun start to the night.

Ernest Ellis and his band walk on stage to a building crowd and launch into a great set. The talented Sydney five piece perform impressive alt-rock tunes, at times moody ethereal and brooding, at times totally rocking the shit out of the metro. Bass player Ben Morgan has a fantastic moustache, long Cousin It hair and plays a beautiful Mosrite red bass while doing a fine job on backing vocals, and good looking drummer Mat Gardner gives great feeling hitting the skins. They build emotive, flowing songs with fantastic crescendo’s and closer Loveless is an awesome and dramatic song, almost alt-country-rock similar to early Kings of Leon. Singer / Guitarist Ernest Ellis has an exquisite beard and great stage presence, and his strong vocals and lyrics are an excellent asset to the band.

The Jezabels enter a smoke filled stage with spine chilling, church organ-esque keyboards filling the room, as the excited crowd supply rapturous applause and screams of delight. The moody, deeply passionate and poetic Sydney four piece have gathered a huge following, and tonight’s sold out Metro gig is testament to their growing popularity. Singer Hayley Mary has an incredible voice and vocal range, and her tiny frame belies the power and furore she has within. She looks super sexy rock babe in steel-black skin-tight pants and black top, as she moves and paces and dances about the stage with enthusiasm, fever and fury – a fantastic performer seemingly born for the stage.

Disco Biscuit Love has Samuel Lockwood’s sunburst fender telecaster saturating the room in a wall of sound, and the crowd goes nuts in a sing along with Hayley. Likewise Easy to Love has the audience singing the chorus, with girl-screams of excitement as the men cheer and smile. Crowd favorites Hurt Me and Mace Spray have the Metro going ballistic, with full clap alongs and hands-in-the-air crazed dancing.

The strong, dramatic piano / keyboard melodies from Heather Shannon in a beautiful 50s inspired pink dress, and the pounding rhythms from drummer Nik Kaloper add huge depth and feeling to the band. Playing songs off their three EPs (they are currently in the process of writing a full length album, which should be due out sometime around September) and a couple of new tracks, all of the songs are performed flawlessly, epic and brilliant, with not a note, beat or word out of place.

After a two song encore the quartet and crowd are both fully amped and satisfied, and a very humble band are stoked and truly thankful of the endless audience cheers and clapping. “Thank you SOOOO much, really…. thanks for coming” Hayley beams. And thank you, the Jezabels for a sublime, brilliant performance from a band destined for a huge future.


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