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Brisbane Soundwave Festival2013: First report

UPDATE: The full review of Brisbane Soundwave is here

The rain cleared up for Brisbane’s leg of the Soundwave Festival yesterday, leaving packed crowds to enjoy one day of hot sun before wet weather returned today.

Anthrax, one of several bands who performed with a replacement drummer, worked a cover of AC/DC’s ‘TNT’ into their set to audience’s approval. The support act from their sideshow, local thrash band Malakyte, were Brisbane’s surprise “Special Guests” filling the gap on the timetable that will be filled by Puscifer in Adelaide and Sydney.

Crowds heading to stage one to see Slayer while others headed to stage two in time to catch Cypress Hill before they finished ‘Insane in the Brain’ created one of the day’s biggest traffic jams. Slayer weren’t slowed down by their replacement drummer, performing ‘Raining Blood’ at typically high speed while James Hetfield of Metallica watched from the side of the stage.

Fresh from performing with Puscifer the night before, Maynard James Keenan (suddenly with hair he didn’t have last night) and the rest of A Perfect Circle performed a set featuring several of their cover songs, including John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.

Paramore chose a lucky girl from their crowd to sing with them while the audience chanted her name. They were followed by Garbage, whose lead singer Shirley Manson praised Paramore’s Hayley Williams for not being afraid to rock and encouraged women in the audience to join a band because it’s “cool as fuck.” Their performance of ‘I Think I’m Paranoid’ was accompanied by the blast of a horn from a train pulling into the Ekka station – presumably the conductor was a fan.

While Linkin Park played on half of stage one a crowd as big as theirs was waiting in front of the other half for Metallica; Chester Bennington ducked over to stage 1A towards the end of Linkin Park’s set to keep them company. When the headliners finally began it was a battle of the pyrotechnics, with Blink-182 using a confetti cannon that gave Brisbane the closest thing to snow it’s ever likely to get while Metallica somehow set fire to an oil-well under the stage and keyed it to explode every time James Hetfield mentioned the words “flame” or “fire”. Metallica’s biggest crowd-pleaser was an encore that consisted of three of their classics: ‘Creeping Death’, ‘Battery’ and ‘Seek & Destroy’.

Check back later for our photo gallery and review of the event.

Metallica setlist

‘Hit the Lights’
‘Master of Puppets’
‘The Shortest Straw’
‘Harvester of Sorrow’
‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’
‘Sad But True’
‘Fade to Black’
’...And Justice for All’
‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’
‘Nothing Else Matters’
‘Enter Sandman’

‘Creeping Death’
‘Seek & Destroy’

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tyler07 said on the 24th Feb, 2013

Such a fantastic Soundwave yesterday, was truly awesome. And it's a pretty tough call between yesterday and 2010's event as to which one had the most consistently good sets throughout the day. My quick 2 cents:

Caught Blink-182's sideshow the night before at the RNA and it fulfilled all of my dreams as a 12 year old. They were fantastic, tight, and sounded like nothing had changed since the Mark, Tom, and Travis Show. The crowd was great as it was predominantly people in their 20's keen for a bit of nostalgia and 2 hours of Blink kareoke. Josie, Always, and What's My Age Again? were the highlights, however their new material really comes to life in the live setting too.

Started off my day catching Milestones, one of my best mates is the brother of Milestones' singer Josh, so i've seen them a fair few times but yesterday I thought they pulled out one of their better performances. Solid way to start the day.

Northlane put on a pretty hectic set with a rather awful crowd. Was still enjoyable and the new track Quantum Flux was ruthless. Keen to catch these guys again after their new album is released.

I bummed around for a while after that grabbing some lunch and a beer before heading back in for one of the highlights of the day and the second smallest crowd I saw all day: This Is Hell. This was the third time i've seen them since they played SW in 2010 and they were so much tighter, heavier, and more awesome than previously. Seriously such an underrated live band.

Gallows were next who not surprisingly tore the place apart. New songs sounded great, and despite the fact I prefer Frank Carter as frontman, Wade did a pretty awesome job. I also appreciated having the mic for some of Orchestra of Wolves.

I caught some random snippets after that. I was with my brother and his friends at this stage and saw about 15 minutes of Sleeping with Sirens who I had never heard before, and I soon discovered why. The singer sounds like a 12 year old girl, the crowd was full of 12 year old girls, and when he dedicated a song to 'all those out there who's parents weren't around while they were growing up' and 90% of the crowd cheered I would've put money on every one of those people cheering's parents ironing their clothes and giving them money for a SWS shirt before turning up today.

Caught like 20ish minutes of Stone Sour who I had wrote off as generic rock but I didn't think they were too bad. Had some heavy riffs which were enjoyable to listen to.

The smallest crowd of the day gathered next for Shai Hulud who were so fucking awesome and underrappreciated. They seemed genuinely stoked despite how few people had turned up, but everybody in the room enjoyed thoroughly, and I think I had the mic for about half of their Linoleum cover by NOFX, hence not having a voice today.

Killswitch Engage tore the place apart. So brutal and such a tight band, definitely had an injection of energy and life since getting Jesse Leach back on the mic too. Adam D was one of the highlights of the day as well, solid banter and great guitar playing.

Cancer Bats were outrageously heavy and awesome. Unfortunately only caught the latter half of their set due to losing my brother after he got injured during the Madball mosh pit, but I still got to see Smiling Politely, their cover of Sabotage, Hail Destroyer, and their closer which I can't remember the name of, but far out they are so damn good. Makes their cancelled headlining tour last year that much more devestating.

Heard the first few songs of Polar Bear Club who were great before going to get a feed and chill out prior to BMTH, who put on a particularly lacklustre set in my opinion. No energy, didn't seem too happy with each other on stage, and just not the same band i've seen previously. I know they have a new album out but they would seriously benefit from a break in touring and some time out to refocus (but their new songs are sounding like the forthcoming album could be their best work yet...).

Hit the main arena right as the opening note of Master of Puppets played, and then I witnessed the most metal (and loud, holy shit) set ever. Pyro and fireworks and shit just added to the awesomeness, and hearing One live was a life-highlight after missing their Death Magnetic tour. Don't miss Metallica if you're going to Soundwave, you will regret it.

...that was a big 2 cents


ROYALwithCHEESE said on the 25th Feb, 2013

Anyone want to tell me how good Red Fang and Gost were?