Image for Soundwave 2013 timetables for Melbourne and Adelaide

Soundwave 2013 timetables forMelbourne and Adelaide

UPDATE: 15/2/13 - The maps have been released for Soundwave along with a new set of revised timetables

UPDATE: 13/2/13 - Updated set times for all cites have been released

The Melbourne and Adelaide timetables for Soundwave 2013 have been released, and as promised headliners Metallica and Blink 182 don’t clash.

While some clashes from the Sydney and Brisbane set-times have been avoided on the Melbourne schedule, there are still several difficult choices to make. With 73 acts playing across nine stages did you really think you’d be able to have a conundrum-free day?

Adelaide punters will get to see a “special guest” on stage three as will the fans in Brisbane and Sydney, however Melbourne’s schedule doesn’t include the mystery act.

Some small changes to the timetables are still possible so make sure to check back for updates prior to the festivals. Following the release of the Sydney and Brisbane set-times promoter AJ Maddah promised to change the schedules to correct the clash between post-hardcore acts Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens. The change will allow Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens to join Pierce The Veil on stage for their collaboration ‘King For A Day’. The festival boss has already indicated that he’ll try to correct the clash between All Time Low and Sum 41.

Maddah has announced that the timetable for the final Soundwave of 2013 in Perth will be released on Wednesday.

Melbourne timetable:

Adelaide timetable:

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wellzy92 said on the 11th Feb, 2013

here are mine -

1. the ecstacy of gold
2. sad but true
3. hit the lights
4. the memory remains
5. holier than thou
6. wherever i may roam
7. harvester of sorrow
8. master of puppets
9. of wolf and man
10. seek & destroy
11. welcome home (sanitarium)
12. st. anger
13. all nightmare long
14. one
15. fade to black
16. enter sandman
17. orion
18. for whom the bell tolls
19. blackened
20. fuel
21. creeping death
22. nothing else matters
23. creeping death
24. so what?
25. battery
26. the day that never comes

linkin park
1. bleed it out
2. burn it down
3. from the inside
4. what i've done
5. somewhere i belong
6. castle of glass
7. numb
8. breaking the habit
9. faint
10. waiting for the end
11. in the end
12. lies greed misery
13. one step closer
14. new divide
15. easier to run

blink 182
1. feeling this
2. what's my age again?
3. pretty little girl
4. first date
5. another girl, another planet
6. i miss you
7. stay together for the kids
8. always
9. all the small things
10. carousel
11. man overboard
12. not now
13. family reunion
14. down

sum 41
1. mr. amsterdam
2. in too deep
3. makes no difference
4. still waiting
5. fat lip
6. handle this
7. the hell song
8. motivation
9. over my head (better off dead)

billy talent
1. definition of destiny
2. pocketful of dreams
3. red flag
4. white sparrows
5. devil on my shoulder
6. sudden movements
7. the dead can't testify
8. saint veronika
9. turn your back

cypress hill
1. i wanna get high
2. roll it up, light it up, smoke it up
3. insane in the brain
4. tequila sunrise
5. (rock) superstar
6. latin lingo
7. hits from the bong
8. shut 'em down
9. dr. greenthumb

stone sour
1. idle hands
2. a rumour of skin
3. through glass
4. made of scars
5. bother
6. get inside
7. orchids
8. blotter
9. inhale

miss may i
1. tunnels
2. relentless in chaos
3. home/sick
4. swing
5. only memories
6. hey mister

1. world eater
2. dispossession
3. corruption
4. metamorphisis
5. exposure
6. transcending dimensions


sweet_sweet_tunes said on the 11th Feb, 2013

Wish Brisbane's main stages were set out like this...


sweet_sweet_tunes said on the 11th Feb, 2013

(being Blink > Linkin Park > Metallica)


grattan said on the 13th Feb, 2013

Timetable updates from AJ's Twitter - OK, so we can swap BMTH with Amity for Melbourne & Adelaide...
APC have now swapped with Slayer - in Melbourne


grattan said on the 13th Feb, 2013

Revised Adelaide timetable:


deanoss said on the 13th Feb, 2013

So Slayer and Killswitch now clashing in Melbourne, when they're both not going melb sideshows..
add to the fact Madball is a slight genre clash which overlaps a little, I'm surprised they went down that avenue..
But if barriers aren't an issue on that stage, then all the better for getting a quality slayer mosh going.
Seeing them on the main stage would be been pretty sweet though. Can you imagine the Blink fans being bored as batshit during APC?


Oflick said on the 13th Feb, 2013

APC into Blink makes more sense than Slayer into Blink. I would have thought they'd switch APC and Blink around, though. Metallica fans waiting in the D would probably rather have APC playing on their side than Blink.


nos235 said on the 13th Feb, 2013

Special Guest will probably be Good Charlotte ;)


PSYCHandCHUCK said on the 17th Feb, 2013

fucking blink and bullet clash what the fuck is this shit fuckkk