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Hottest 100 live blog

This is it people. It’s time to count down the Hottest 100 songs of last year. Will anybody manage to beat ‘Thrift Shop’? Will the Warmest 100 prove accurate about the top 10? Will Frank Ocean get more songs in than anybody else? Will the #Hottest100 hashtag on Twitter erupt into an argument about how annoying Tom and Alex are, or will the argument be about songs that were technically released in 2011? Will triple j cross to a party being hosted by somebody with a bogan accent so thick even Lewis McKirdy can’t understand them?

Hang around for the next eight hours or so and we’ll find out. Are you excited? This is pretty exciting.

100. Everything Everything – Cough Cough

And we’re underway. The warmest 100 predicted #100 would be ‘Rattling the Keys to the Kingdom’ so obviously this is proof that statistics is broken and my faith in mathematics has been shaken to the core. This is from Everything Everything’s second album, Arc.

99. M.I.A. – Bad Girls

An excellent video often means good performance in the Hottest 100 so it’s a bit of a surprise that this is only number 99. M.I.A.’s video full of impressive stunts took out Best Direction and Best Cinematography at the MTV Video Music Awards and you should definitely watch it.

98. Kimbra – Warrior

Mark Foster of Foster the People and DJ A-Trak both feature on this Kimbra song, which was written as part of sneaker brand Converse’s “Three Artists, One Song” campaign that’s brought us collaborations like Gorillaz, Andre 3000 and James Murphy’s ‘DoYaThing’. Lindsay ‘The Doctor’ McDougall is having a chat to Kimbra on the phone about the song, how long before he mentions Gotye? Oh, he just did.

97. Jack White – I’m Shakin

This won’t be the last time we hear Jack White in this year’s countdown. The “St. Vitus dance” he mentions in the lyrics is actually a disease called Sydenham’s chorea that causes rapid jerking movements. NOW YOU KNOW.

96. Kanye West – Clique

Featuring Big Sean and Jay-Z, this was one of the singles from the Cruel Summer compilation. “It’s like the Dream Team meets the Supreme Team” as Jay-Z puts it. The Dream Team were the US Olympics basketball team; the Supreme Team were infamous crack dealers.

95. Last Dinosaurs – Andy

We certainly won’t be getting sick of the celebrity vote jokes throughout the day, will you? Anyway, here’s Brisbane band Last Dinosaurs with their song ‘Andy’. Congratulations, guys! It has a super 1980s video, check it out.

94. The Gaslight Anthem – 45

How many Gaslight Anthem fans too young to remember vinyl records only learned what “I’ll see you on the flip side” referred to from the lyrics to this song? This was the lead single off their fourth album Handwritten, which came out in May. Good to know people remembered to vote for songs from the first half of the year.

Time to cross to our first party. It’s a bit early for things to really be kicking off. The rule that you have to dance to every song you voted for at the party is excellent, though it might make some think twice about that secret guilty Skrillex vote.

93. Snakadaktal – Dance Bear

Here’s the winners of triple j Unearthed High 2011, Snakadaktal. Nice to know they haven’t been forgotten. This song is the first so far not to have made the Warmest 100 list at all. Will there be more surprises or are things going to start lining up with the predictions the closer we get to number one?

92. Lisa Mitchell – Spiritus

Another Australian entry. Mitchell explained the meaning behind this song in an interview with triple j, saying “Spiritus means breath in Latin and I’ve been doing a lot of yoga lately and a lot of breathing; that’s the main thing you concentrate on. That’s sort of one component of the song but I guess it was a bit of a message to my former self. Almost something you wish you told yourself a couple of years ago, which is mainly to have some perspective. There is an epic sun out there and it’s all good.” Glad that’s all cleared up then.

91. Allday x C1 – So Good

This is a surprise. Melbourne hip-hop duo Allday x C1 are a triple j unearthed success story, if you want to know more about them check them out here. They are terrifyingly young and will make you feel bad about your age/lack of achievements.

90. Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone

This won’t be the last time we hear from the Northern Irish indie rockers of Two Door Cinema Club. Their other big song of last year, ‘Sun’, is a good contender for the top 50.

89. Chance Waters – Maybe Tomorrow

Let’s have a quick check of the #hottest100 hashtag over on Twitter to see what people say about Australian hip-hop and its place on the radio.

You stay classy, Twitter.

88. C2C Down – The Road

Another surprise! French breakbeat act C2C obviously did rather well in France, where this went to number one. The sweet moustachioed skateboarding video may have helped its performance here.

87. The Bloody Beetroots & Greta Svabo Bech – Chronicles of a Fallen Love

It is apparently the dance music portion of the voting, with a slice of electro house courtesy of The Bloody Beetroots and Deadmau5 collaborator Greta Svabo Bech.

86. Lana Del Rey – Summerime Sadness

A quick chat with the surprisingly friendly Lana Del Rey, who miiiight be visiting Australia after her European tour ends in June. This was another one that didn’t make the Warmest 100 at all, although ‘Born To Die’ did make that list at number 42 so the odds are good we’ll hear Lana Del Rey again today.

85. Purity Ring – Fineshrine

This is the prettiest song about being cut open and turned into a religious monument we heard all year. How are those sausages coming along, by the way? Don’t forget to turn the lamb chops. I like my onions right on the edge of burning, but not quite charcoal. Thanks, mate. You’re a legend.

84. Hilltop Hoods – Rattling the Keys To the Kingdom

Catchy song, but the best thing about it is definitely the video featuring a who’s who of almost all the big names in the Australian hip-hop scene (although 360 is a notable absence). If you want to know any more about the individuals headnodding in that video, there’s a website cataloguing them all so you can find out more about anyone from A-Love to Yuin Huzami.

The Doctor is dropping some hints about which Hottest 100 party he’ll be paying a surprise visit. Odds are it won’t be this laptop-and-coffee party right here.

83. The Jungle Giants – She’s a Riot

‘She’s a Riot’ was number 85 in the Warmest 100, is this the closest prediction we’ve got so far? Congratulations to Brisbane band The Jungle Giants.

Boy, those celebrity vote skits just get funnier and funnier, don’t they? See, it’s funny because Tom Cruise is voting for ‘Sleep Alone’ and he presumably does sleep alone, good lord, will the lols ever end.

82. Santigold – Disparate Youth

This one came out all the way back in February, well done everyone for remembering to vote for it. It’s from her album Master of My Make Believe which seriously had some of the best cover art of the year.

81. Alt-J – Something Good

The first Alt-J song in this year’s countdown, but certainly not the last. After winning the Mercury Prize, their debut album An Awesome Wave did rather well in end-of-the year polls. We’ll probably hear ‘Tessellate’ and ‘Breezeblocks’ from that album later on.

80. Frank Ocean – Super Rich Kids

And here’s another first entry from a killer album that’s likely to be heard from again. Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange managed to land perfect scores everywhere from The AV Club to the Guardian and Consequence of Sound. Pitchfork only gave it a 9.5 though, just so you know they’re independent thinkers. By the way, that’s Earl Sweatshirt, also from Odd Future, delivering the guest verse where he drops the word “acqueducts” like it ain’t no thing.

79. The Black Keys – Little Black Submarines

With that line about how “a broken heart is blind”, this is pretty melancholy, you know, compared to ‘Yellow Submarine’ and other songs about underwater vehicles in the rock canon. Although it was released as a single in 2012 it was on their 2011 album El Camino, so get ready to complain about that, people who actually care about such things.

78. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Household Goods
77. Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got

Time for some more dancing! I hope you haven’t stuffed yourself too full of burgers yet to enjoy this club break. ‘Love Is All I Got’ only made it to number 99 in the Warmest 100, so they’ll probably be quite happy at having beat the numbers to get this high. Take that, statistics.

76. Illy – Heard It All

Lets have another quick check of Twitter to see how mad people are at another Aussie hip-hop song making the list.

Oh. Well, fine then. Maybe we can just all get along with each other and all our differences. Except for people in the comments, obviously.

75. Muse – Madness

While Feed Me & Crystal Fighters did better than predicted, this is a poor turnout for a song that made number 52 in the Warmest 100. All the people who were terrified this would pull a ‘Knights of Cydonia’ are breathing sighs of relief, all over Australia right now.

Bye bye to Lindsay, and hello to Linda and Richard. Yes, we know they can’t hear us. Linda’s eagerness to just get on with things is a good sign, considering we’re only just at the one-quarter mark. Good work, Linda who can’t hear us.

74. The Shins – Simple Song

One of the best videos of the year, swear to God.

73. Ben Folds Five – Draw a Crowd

So it turns out you don’t need a language warning to play a song with the word “dicks” in it on the radio. Good to know. This was number 74 in the Warmest 100. So close!

PS: People in the comments, don’t make me come down there. Your mother and I will stop this car and you can get out and walk the rest of the way.

72. Regina Spektor – All the Rowboats

This is the best song about the escapist fantasies of rowboats in oil paintings trapped in art galleries of the entire year. No, really. Those punchy ‘80s drums, that soothing piano, this is easily one of Regina Spektor’s best songs. It helps that it’s not one of her religious ones, of course.

Now back to Linda and Richard, reminding us not to show photos of bongs to the entire world when tweeting photos of our parties. Not a problem other radio stations have, you suppose?

71. Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank)

On the subject of parties you shouldn’t be showing the world your photos of, here’s Kendrick Lamar with a song about getting insanely drunk. Although if you just did a bunch of shots to this song you should probably avoid paying close attention to the lyrics, which turn dark and regretful towards the end when he realises the harm dependency can do. Who needs a drink now?

70. The Presets – Promises

If hearing ‘Promises’ once on the radio just then wasn’t enough for you, you should definitely check out the video and its bizarre juxtaposition of clashing imagery. What’s your favourite, the psychedelic tropical sunset with the word BELIEVING super-imposed on it or the stretchy face dude?

69. Matt Corby – Lonely Boy

Or you could listen to this, I suppose.

68. Avicii – Silhouettes

If you’re not familiar with Avicii he’s a Swedish DJ and producer who gets called Tim Bergling by his mum. Actually it’s probably Timothy to her, but whatever. The vocals are by Salem Al Fakir, a Swede of Syrian origin. See, the Hottest 100 is super educational. Did you catch Richard Kingsmill just trying to explain the deeper meaning of Kendrick Lamar’s song to that party dude? EDUCATIONAL.

67. Flume – On Top

The first entry for Australian electronic wunderkind Flume. This one features guest vocals from a guy named T-Shirt, which brings back thoughts of the character from the kid’s show T-Bag. Anyone else? Come on, don’t leave us out on a limb here. This guy:

66. The Rubens – The Best We Got

This blog needs more jokes. That’s what draws the kids in. Let’s go and steal some from Twitter. Brendan Maclean is always saying something witty.

Sweet. Now we don’t have to think of anything to say about The Rubens until ‘My Gun’ gets played.

65. Grimes – Genesis

Doing a song about Phil Collins’ old band in 2012 was a brave move, but it certainly paid off for Grimes. The way she piles her voice up like a chorus of ghost cheerleaders on the sidelines as Phil Collins races in for a touchdown is really what makes it work, don’t you think?

64. Alt-J – Tessellate

How many songs are there that use geometry as a metaphor for sex? Not enough, clearly, given how well this one has done. Although if triangles really are the Alt-J man’s favourite shape as he says, that’s not very imaginative. Come on, man. Have you seen parallelograms? They look like rectangles that got drunk. Obviously they are the best shape.

63. First Aid Kit – Wolf

That’s ‘Wolf’ although when Richard says it, it sounds like he’s saying “woof” ha ha. Linda knows how to pronounce it: good work, Linda. For a Swedish band First Aid Kit do a really solid job at sounding like American indie folk. Oh wait, Richard just said it properly, we take it back Richard we love you.

62. Kid Cudi – Just What I Am

After a great single in ‘Day N Nite’ but then a pretty disappointing album, it didn’t seem like Kid Cudi really had it in him. But this is actually amazing and makes it seem like his second album, Indicud, might actually live up to his potential. Fingers crossed.

I am pretty sure that bro who just rang in said that he and his mates were playing “Underwater Honky”. Which sounds terrifying.

61. Sticky Fingers – Caress Your Soul

Sydney’s Sticky Fingers are another triple j Unearthed success story. You may have heard them previously when they were invited into the station for Like A Version and played a cover of ‘Rhiannon’ by Fleetwood Mac.

60. Jack White – Love Interruption

Told you we’d be hearing from Mr White again. This is the one where he swears off love entirely four songs into his album Blunderbuss, but it doesn’t last and pretty soon he’s off to have his heart broken again. Fortunately, he writes some pretty great songs about heartbreak.

The Doctor is on his way to a Hottest 100 party somewhere in Victoria. “Why should we care?” asks Linda, and that’s a very good question that may not have been satisfactorily answered.

59. Cosmo Jarvis – Love This

If you’re hearing this one for the first time, then yes, Cosmo Jarvis really did just sing “Tony Soprano is a teacher I respect.”

58. Mumford & Sons – Babel

This is a big surprise. Not that a Mumford & Sons song would make it into the Hottest 100 – like, duh – but that this one made to number 58. ‘I Will Wait’ was a much bigger song of theirs last year, and the Warmest 100 had ‘Babel’ only sneaking in at number 90. If it can make a leap like that, then can ‘I Will Wait’, which is number 7 in the Warmest 100, possibly leap to the top?

57. Seth Sentry – Float Away

It’s catchy and all, but in the narrow genre of songs about floating then obviously it can’t compete with this one.

Time to cut to a party in Shanghai, which makes a pleasant difference from hearing from people on the Sunshine Coast. Wonderful that triple j can bring Australian culture to the world. Enjoy eating those lamingtons, Chinese people!

56. Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You

Can’t type, dancing. That’s the rule. You vote for it, you must dance to it.

55. Knife Party – Internet Friends

Suddenly and mysteriously able to type again, wonder why that could be. Here’s Pendulum spin-off Knife Party with a song about how people on the internet are awful and creepy. Well, hmpff. Let’s head around to their house and burn it down, that’ll show them.

54. The Bamboos – I Got Burned

Who knew Tim Rogers had this soul voice he was keeping in his back pocket, saving for a special occasion? It’s amazing. We look forward to You Am I’s gospel-inspired next album. When The Bamboos do this song live without Rogers, Kylie Auldist sings it, which is actually just as fantastic.

53. San Cisco – Wild Things

Their song ‘Awkward’ made it into the top 10 of last year’s Hottest 100, but this is still a pretty good showing for Perth’s San Cisco. They’ve still got another song, ‘Fred Astaire’, with a good chance at making it in.

52. The Presets – Ghosts
51. Birds of Tokyo – This Fire

It certainly has been a good year for Australian musicians shouting along to music.

50. Asta – My Heart Is On Fire

Another Australian song, that’s seven in a row! Asta won triple j Unearthed High this year and if Snakadaktal are anything to go by then that’s a good indicator of future success with the Js.

49. Thundamentals – Brother

This cover was recorded by triple j for Like A Version. It’s a pretty different one for Thundamentals, a Blue Mountains hip-hop crew who normally, you know, rap. ‘Brother’ made it to number three for Matt Corby in the 2011 Hottest 100, we look forward to seeing how well next year’s version does.

48. San Cisco – Fred Astaire

Told you that San Cisco would make it in again. Admittedly we didn’t guess that it would be part of a never-ending string of Australian songs.

47. Of Monsters & Men – Mountain Sound

OK, so maybe not so never-ending after all. This is the first entry for the Icelandic band whose other song, ‘Little Talks’, is one of the likely contenders for the top spot. It was an early favourite for the bookies and made it to number two in the Warmest 100. We’ll see.

Welcome to Zan and Lewis, who will be talking us through the next batch of songs, fighting the international-phonecall delay while interviewing musicians and struggling to understand the increasingly inebriated people who call in from parties. Good luck to them.

46. Passion Pit – Take a Walk

This was number three in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the best songs of 2012. Obviously, the listeners of triple j don’t quite agree. ‘Hold On’ by Alabama Shakes was Rolling Stone’s number one, but we haven’t heard it yet. We’ll see.

45. Chance Waters – Young & Dumb

Let’s check in with the Warmest 100 guys. They’re probably doing hardcore maths right now, analysing how their predictions gel with the results as they come in.

Actually, I think they might be drinking. This was number 59 in their list anyway.

44. Xavier Rudd – Follow the Sun

You know, sometimes Xavier Rudd sounds a lot like Paul Simon.

43. The Lumineers – Ho Hey

Lewis McKirdy just admitted that he’d never heard this song before. Bet there are people at parties all over the country saying the same thing, only they’re saying it to every second song. At a certain age, not recognising half of the songs in the Hottest 100 becomes a mark of pride, like the transition into adulthood is complete because you’re baffled by all this indie folk, when did that become a thing? Get off my lawn with your damn clogs.

42. MS MR – Hurricane

These guys call themselves a “Tumblr-glitch-pop duo”, which is not a genre you can look up in your local record store but is actually pretty descriptive, at least if you’re on Tumblr. They’ll be in the country for the first time ever for Laneway and a couple of sideshows next month.

41. British India – I Can Make You Love Me

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard from Melbourne’s British India. They’ve spent that time refining that angsty garage rock sound they’ve always had. Good for them.

40. Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?

Doing well for a single that was released way back at the start of the year, but when are we going to hear some more, guys? Sure, they played at the Olympics but come on.

39. Alabama Shakes – Hold On

Take that, Rolling Stone magazine. OK, this is a seriously great song though and it probably should have got higher than number 39.

38. Grimes – Oblivion

Can we all just watch the video for this song one more time and bask in how wonderful it is?

37. Two Door Cinema Club – Sun

Hey, remember when we said that ‘Sun’ would definitely make it into the top 50. Well, bam, here it is. We have amazing psychic powers and the ability to determine the relative popularity of songs, which isn’t really that great a superpower in the scheme of things.

36. Miike Snow – Paddling Out

‘Sun’ was at number 39 in the Warmest 100; ‘Paddling Out’ was at number 33. Things are starting to line up as we get further into it. People who actually understand statistics are shouting “Of course they are!” at their screens right now.

35. 360 – Run Alone

It’s very important that we all watch this promo for 360’s last album so that we’re all on the same page and we all understand exactly the place that he’s coming from.

34. Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

Lana Del Rey makes it in for the second time this year. You can imagine the complaining on the #Hottest100 hashtag for yourself over this one.

The Doctor’s finally showing up to surprise the winning party, but his phone keeps breaking up. Actually it sounds pretty dubstep. Wait for the remix of this to make it into next year’s poll.

33. Parachute Youth – You Can’t Get Better Than This

Here it is, the most-played song on triple j in 2012. The previous year’s most-played song, ‘Helena Beat’ by Foster the People, made it into the poll at number 15.

32. Florence + The Machine – Spectrum (Say My Name)
31. Alpine – Gasoline

Another couple of songs making it in quite close to where they were predicted to be. The FloMo remix was number 35; Alpine were number 30. IT’S ALL COMING TOGETHER.

30. Bat For Lashes – Laura

Lovely that such a simple but affecting piano ballad can do so well. The popularity of this beautiful song is evidence that Brendan Maclean doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so there.

(Are you going to see her at Laneway? You totally should.)

29. Loon Lake – Cherry Lips

These guys narrowly missed out with their song ‘Bad To Me’, which came in at number 102 the previous year. Good on them for making the cut this time with a song that’s so cheerful it’s bound to perk you up, like a caffeine injection to the soul. Plus it has clapping and you can’t go wrong with clapping.

28. Django Django – Default

Django Django are originally from Scotland, like all the best British bands. This unfussy and adrenalising song is their first entry in the Hottest 100.

27. Ball Park Music – Surrender

Meanwhile Ball Park Music are from Brisbane, home of Australia’s better indie pop acts. No bias evident there, no sir.

26. Seth Sentry – Dear Science

I feel you, Seth. You want your future and you want it now. But why draw the line at hoverboards? We’ve been asking where our jetpacks and skycars are for years. What about the genetically resurrected dinosaurs, robot maids and trips to Mars? Keep your dang hoverboard, where’s the space elevator?

25. Skrillex – Bangarang

Can’t type, dancing. Don’t you dare judge me, I saw that look.

24. Chet Faker – I’m Into You

Does the start of this song make anyone else think ‘Bloom’ by Radiohead is about to come on? And then get all excited but then suddenly be all like, “Oh, it’s just Chet Faker. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” And then just go and put Radiohead on instead?

23. Ball Park Music – Coming Down

Number 23 in the Warmest 100 and number 23 in the Hottest 100. If you are into conspiracy theories involving the number 23 then this is your lucky day. Sam Cromack from Ball Park Music used to work in a cafe in Paddington, so if you know which one that was this song has probably made you pretty suspicious about eating there. They do good coffee, but.

22. The Temper Trap – Trembling Hands

Temper Trap are quite divisive, aren’t they?

See? By the way, public service announcement: Don’t click on any links you see in the #Hottest100 hashtag, especially if they look like they involve news stories about Egypt. Just don’t.

21. Disclosure – Latch

And so we bid farewell to Zane and Lewis, and hello to Tom and Alex. And also to a lot of people on the internet complaining about how much they hate Tom and Alex. Comments section, go!

20. Rudimental – Feel the Love

These guys had two songs likely to do well this year – this and ‘Not Giving In’, both of which feature John Newman (though the other one also has Alex Clare on there). Since we haven’t heard ‘Not Giving In’ yet that means they’ve probably got two in the top 20, which is nice work for an act nobody had heard of a year ago.

19. The xx – Angels

The xx manage to pack a lot of emotion into such a minimalist song, a whole lot of yearning for something so dreamy. This must be making an odd soundtrack to all those screaming parties people keep calling in from.

18. Hermitude – HyperParadise (Flume Remix)

Flume makes it in for a second time, although admittedly this is a remix of an already ace Hermitude song. His last one was number 67 with ‘On Top’ and we probably haven’t heard the last of him.

17. Flight Facilities – Clair De Lune

Prime Minister Julia Gillard called in to announce this song, which is pretty risky and quite brave. Doesn’t she know how harsh the people on Twitter can be on Hottest 100 day?

16. Rudimental – Not Giving In

Told you so. Didn’t we tell you so? Told you so.

15. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Same Love

Hey, I wonder if this will be the last time we hear from these guys in today’s countdown? I WONDER. Anyway, good on you Australia for voting for a song denouncing homophobia. Sometimes you’re all right, guy.

14. Icona Pop – I Love It

Just in case ‘Same Love’ had you feeling a bit teary and emotional and goodwill to all men, here’s a thumping electro pop song to blast all those feels right out of you. Doof doof!

13. The Black Keys – Gold On the Ceiling

Number 14 on the Warmest 100, number 13 on the Hottest 100. Things are definitely starting to get closer as we approach the top 10. For proof, check out the narrowing tail on this graph. Phwoar, graphs.

12. Flume – Sleepless

That’s 39 Australian songs in the countdown so far and we still haven’t heard from Tame Impala and probably have one more Rubens song to go. That’ll take us to a probable total of 42 Aussie songs in the 2012 list – two fewer than the previous year.

11. Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing

The other Florence Welch/Calvin Harris collaboration, his remix of her song ‘Spectrum (Say My Name)’, made it in at number 67. So that’s a pretty good thing they’ve got going on together.

10. The Rubens – My Gun

It feels like The Rubens have come out of nowhere, and that’s because they have. They went from a song on Unearthed getting into the Hottest 100 last year to a record deal, festival slots, headlining national tour, J Award and now a number 10 in the Hottest 100 all in the space of about a year. You could call it a meteoric rise, except that meteors don’t rise they fall, what is that phrase even about. Anyway, well done, The Rubens.

9. Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

That’s that, two guaranteed songs in the top 10 for Tame Impala. Because what Kevin Parker needs is more people telling them that his songs are amazing. That man’s head must be inflating like a life-jacket. Ace song though, obviously.

8. Frank Ocean – Lost

That’s the third entry for Frank Ocean, after ‘Super Rich Kids’ at number 80 and ‘Thinkin Bout You’ at number 56. No love for ‘Pyramids’ though? That song is just as amazing. Its absence is almost as upsetting as the complete lack of Japandroids.

7. Tame Impala – Elephant

Love how over it Kevin Parker sounds now. “Yep, we got another song in that Hottest whatever thing, man. Like, enjoy, I guess. I voted for Frank Ocean instead.”

6. Major Lazer – Get Free

So in case you hadn’t noticed, the top 10 are just going to be the top 10 of the Warmest 100 in a slightly different order. This was number eight in the prediction, and here it is at number six. Mumford & Sons next, you think?

5. Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait

4. Flume – Holding On

Well done, Flume. He’s now got the highest-ranking Australian song in the Hottest 100 as well as being the most-frequently appearing act, with this his fourth time in (he also took out 67, 18 and 12). Spare a thought for those listening at parties with old people, though.

3. Alt-J – Breezeblocks

Third time in for Alt-J, having taken out numbers 81 and 64 as well. We seem to have achieved full synchronization with the Warmest 100 now. Check out this graph, really, it’s great.

2. Of Monsters & Men – Little Talks

No alarms and no surprises then. They took out number 47 and here they are taking out number two. You can see them at the Laneway festival quite soon, and this song is going to go down quite well. But we all know what number one is going to be now.

1. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop

They may have taken out the number one position – and well done to them, by the way – but I think we all know who the real winners are. No, not the listeners, you twee doofus. The statisticians over at Warmest 100 who called the number one song.

OK, maybe that wasn’t the right version. But can you believe Tom and Alex missed out on an opportunity to troll their entire audience with that song? Such a waste.

Hope you had a good Hottest 100 Day, and thanks for reading. Be excellent to one another.

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lineofbestfit said on the 26th Jan, 2013

bless this mess was a very experimental record with the indian theme's and what not, but the sooner death of a marat stops trying to be a second rate troll the better. Anyway was a bit surprised she's a riot by jungle giants got so high. I guess the two door cinema support did wonders.

Death of Marat

Death of Marat said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Fuck off dick cheese. This is what the internet is for. Where else should I debate the merits of hottest 100 place getters?
Ignore or die, simple really.


Aidan1234567 said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Fuck off dick cheese. This is what the internet is for. Where else should I debate the merits of hottest 100 place getters?
Ignore or die, simple really.

you're not debating though, you're calling people names cause they disagree with you

Death of Marat

Death of Marat said on the 26th Jan, 2013

If you had a brain champ you would see that I was the one who got attacked first so fuck off and play hall monitor elsewhere,


Aidan1234567 said on the 26th Jan, 2013

whatever m8, keep overcompensating for your evidently feeble little life

Death of Marat

Death of Marat said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Why did you use both feeble and little when they mean essentially the same thing. Sounds like you are the one overcompensating. Maybe you have a insignificant meaningless lesser life?


lineofbestfit said on the 26th Jan, 2013

this is not a hardcore or punk where people mainly argue it's more a music site than argument site you dolt.


Aidan1234567 said on the 26th Jan, 2013

you know you're being petty and pointless when the actual article starts referencing you


Aidan1234567 said on the 26th Jan, 2013

disappointed at the lack of Beach House so far but then again, I don't think I voted for them so that's probably to be expected


csgoh said on the 26th Jan, 2013

In terms of a musical democracy, the hottest 100 has about as much credibility as the Presidency of Robert Mugabe

^ You cant buy that material!


haydendavies said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Would've thought Tessellate would be a lot higher than 64..

Death of Marat

Death of Marat said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Again they mean virtually the same thing. Maybe they are referencing you for your butchering of the written word. Cut it out.


Aidan1234567 said on the 26th Jan, 2013

there's a subtle difference, anyway it's quite a common turn of phrase to use two adjectives of similar meaning beside each other to explicate and exemplify the extent to which the described is of the characteristics which they are purported to bear

Death of Marat

Death of Marat said on the 26th Jan, 2013

I don't understand why anyone is giving so much weight to the "warmest 100" it used a flawed system to compile it's data. Sure it will most likely have the top 2 correct but it will be a jumbled mess after that.


crob said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Wheres da metal !!!!!!


lineofbestfit said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Shitty india at 41 fucking hell


crob said on the 26th Jan, 2013

What da duck is oblivion doing at 38


lineofbestfit said on the 26th Jan, 2013

No alpine...yet. It's either good or bad


crob said on the 26th Jan, 2013

WHats thhis shit playing atm.... Fark you young people, starting to get drunk n angry against the youth of straya!!!..... ....... .... Groble groble groble... ...... Zzzxxzxxzz,


csgoh said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Not sure if its Lana Del Ray, a nanny goat, or Stevie Nicks


crob said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Nar it wasn't Lana....


Aidan1234567 said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Wooooo Bat for Lashes, best song so far


lineofbestfit said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Alpine beating 360 aw yis and hands is still to come

Napoleon Solo

Napoleon Solo said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Warmest 100 will probably pat themselves on the ass but their results are far from impressive so far. Their success rate was always going to improve as the numbers descended.


lineofbestfit said on the 26th Jan, 2013

I await the no parkwai or amity use r hipster fagz comments


daveyac8881 said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Julia Gillard in at number 17, nice one!


jacegalvin said on the 26th Jan, 2013

No Japandroids, the fuck?


lineofbestfit said on the 26th Jan, 2013

The good laneway bands are in there jace


jacegalvin said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Didn't see Cloud Nothings and El-P in there. Will check again.


lineofbestfit said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Alpine,bats for lashes,ms mr and.ofam>those three


jacegalvin said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Alpine and B4L are great. Only heard the singles from MS MR, thought they were aight.
And don't know what an ofam is


dynamo said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Hottest 100 = Yawn this year (Haters Gonna Hate)


lineofbestfit said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Left the m off. Of monsters and men. The amount of people making nova 'jokes'on the jjj facebook is hilarious


ROYALwithCHEESE said on the 26th Jan, 2013

macklemore & ryan lewis no 1?

triple have lost your edge.


OrdinaryInfidel said on the 26th Jan, 2013

I continue to drift further and further from the demographic. And I'm not even upset.


ROYALwithCHEESE said on the 26th Jan, 2013

sure your not just old? that is what was explained to me, its a youth station and if you don't like what is 'popular' it is because your in your 30's.

what does that leave a person to listen to? the bogans on triple m?

community radio......


dynamo said on the 26th Jan, 2013

sure your not just old? that is what was explained to me, its a youth station and if you don't like what is 'popular' it is because your in your 30's.

what does that leave a person to listen to? the bogans on triple m?

community radio......

Have to agree with with OrdinaryInfidel, haven't listened to triple J since 2010. So does that make me old?

Actually i have given up on listening to radio, the music played nowdays is so boring. I will stick to spotify, youtube, going to show to listen and find new music :)

BTW i am in my early 20's


And_so_on said on the 26th Jan, 2013

kind of shocked my number or inhaler didn't make it in there.


daveyac8881 said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Best h100 in a few years imo, possibly because I don't listen to jjj that much these days anymore so it all sounded pretty fresh again!


ROYALwithCHEESE said on the 26th Jan, 2013

with the world wide web and sites such as bandcamp and youtube, you're right, you do not need triple j for new music.

while i'm throwing rocks, how the hell did nina las vagas use her position at triple j to build a dj career?


Oflick said on the 26th Jan, 2013

This hottest 100 is a lot like Coachella 2013. A lot of great stuff, but what's at the top is shit.


MidniteRambler said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Just sounded like 5 songs on rotation 20 times. Is Australia's taste in music really that bland?


MorningAfterboy said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Pictured: Everyone getting sandy-vag over the Hottest 100.


lineofbestfit said on the 26th Jan, 2013

Have you seen the dudes who post in her status updates it's the same people who read zoo


Humm said on the 27th Jan, 2013

the bawley blog has a neat formula to compare how you voted with the popular (or not so popular) result.

check it out at

is a bit of fun, i scored 62.4 - have heard it all and value disparate youth over super rich kids


lineofbestfit said on the 27th Jan, 2013

funny how many more instagram follow and facebook likes alpine got after number 31, that's what shits me at times about these things. People should discover bands on their own and not because some radio station has them in the most counted down radio poll of the year.


Stugalug said on the 27th Jan, 2013

So you're saying if you don't like a band on facebook, you don't actually like them?


lineofbestfit said on the 27th Jan, 2013

they should see them live i mean and not sit in front of the computer or wait for a 'cool' radio station to play them lots. I discovered alpine via a oxford arts show not via jjj as i don't listen to it due to them playing crappy scenecore stuff like parkway or skrillex.


berlinchair101 said on the 27th Jan, 2013

How is hearing a band on the radio not a legitimate way to discover them?

What planet do you live on?

Napoleon Solo

Napoleon Solo said on the 27th Jan, 2013

How is hearing a band on the radio not a legitimate way to discover them?

What planet do you live on?

It's just not cool. If you want cred you need to have heard of a band within 40 days of said band forming.
Bros and faux hipsters are gonna ruin all Alpine shows from this day forward.


lineofbestfit said on the 27th Jan, 2013

lucky you don't like alpine then solo. I'm going to laneway for alpine just as much as i am for bats for lashes and of monsters and men and ms mr.


ROYALwithCHEESE said on the 27th Jan, 2013

it has a filter down effect in some cases.

i'm not sure if its the record company or radio station, but as soon as something gets legs its onto nova, then your austereo and triple m who were bagging it weeks ago, (somebody that i used to know?) start playing it 6 months later.

the time frames between each station getting a song is nearly within a week to which people like myself will bag triple j as being the same as (insert station name).

as far as the j's go, they need to stop high rotating stuff. i know not everyone is forced to listen to triple day alll day at work (like myself), but even songs you like start to eat at you if ts played 3 times during the day for a month.

hence why the current number 1 is so loathed, it's friggin catchy and as much as i hate it, i will hum it without thinking it, but i do not need to be surrounded by it and i'm sure some artists (gotye/360/radiohead) get tired of raping a song to death both live and during every interview.

/ toast just popped up.


lineofbestfit said on the 27th Jan, 2013

i'm just sick of people saying alpine 'popped out of nowhere' as means of a insult on the facebook remarks, they've been plugging the band since like 2009, even before that when my space was around plus everything they do is pretty diy #fanboypost


crob said on the 27th Jan, 2013

would be keen to see the stats in how many people voted from different age bracket over the pass few years.... feels like the top 100 used to have a wider age bracket in there voters

Napoleon Solo

Napoleon Solo said on the 27th Jan, 2013

Yeah but I still heard Alpine before you did.
My cred > your cred


mondo22 said on the 27th Jan, 2013

ummm... isn't listening to the radio a way to discover new music???
I don't see how it's any different to being recommended a new band by a friend, by a website, seeing a band, a tv advert, a radio advert etc etc.

not everyone can be cool and hear about bands before they even form


mondo22 said on the 27th Jan, 2013

Sorry, I prematurely posted there. I should have figured many others would have already handled that one long before I got to it.

But yeah, this is how I imagine G-man would be in real life


monokhrome_nite said on the 27th Jan, 2013


ROYALwithCHEESE said on the 27th Jan, 2013

ummm... isn't listening to the radio a way to discover new music???
i don't see how it's any different to being recommended a new band by a friend, by a website, seeing a band, a tv advert, a radio advert etc etc.

not everyone can be cool and hear about bands before they even form

i'm guessing the poster your referring to has experienced something we all have. your favourite band making it popular and getting themselves a following of people you don't like to be associated with.

it's egotistical and selfish but we have all been there.


tyler07 said on the 27th Jan, 2013

The best part about the Hottest 100 yesterday was how high Frank Ocean got. That sexy, sexy man.


ThatDude123 said on the 27th Jan, 2013

Pretty great form for Australia, really

You shouldn't say those words in that order, mate. Especially on the Internet

FL never learns

Be moar thankful that your favourite artist isn't JJJ famous yet. This also goes for the Foals/Cloud Nogthings crew.

The same way Zane Lowe did.

Pictured: Everyone getting sandy-vag over the Hottest 100.


I do not think that word means what you think it means.

This is correct.


loudQUIETloud said on the 27th Jan, 2013


berlinchair101 said on the 27th Jan, 2013

I had a ball listening to the Hottest 100 yesterday. Beers and pool also helped. It was fun hearing who was voted for even if some of it isn't my jam. It's not like my favourite music is erased and replaced by these 100 songs. People are retarded.


ROYALwithCHEESE said on the 27th Jan, 2013

i'm sorry 'that dude', if using the word 'rape' to describe the ruining of something you love , sorry if i offended anyone on here.


jacegalvin said on the 27th Jan, 2013

omg I hate those fucking people who go to gigs of bands that they don't know, then start to like them. It pisses me off so much


daveyac8881 said on the 27th Jan, 2013

Why is this so hilarious?


lineofbestfit said on the 28th Jan, 2013

looks like you wont' get to see laneway if this rain keeps up , lol at u


lineofbestfit said on the 28th Jan, 2013

Well i saw death cab to under a hundred in 2003 at rocking horse. I.won


MorningAfterboy said on the 28th Jan, 2013

Are you one of their dads or something?


ThatDude123 said on the 28th Jan, 2013



Stugalug said on the 28th Jan, 2013

Hilarious. There's been at least one recorded death and you think the floods are funny...... Scumbag.


lineofbestfit said on the 28th Jan, 2013

Actually you'll find i was laughing at jace possibly missing laneway moral fag

Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo said on the 28th Jan, 2013


lineofbestfit said on the 28th Jan, 2013

It's hard not to look at a butch lesbian aka you

Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo said on the 28th Jan, 2013

Best compliment you have ever given to me


billymumphrey said on the 28th Jan, 2013

just out of interest, how did you find out about bat for lashes??


MorningAfterboy said on the 28th Jan, 2013

Bottom 100 countdown this weekend!


crob said on the 28th Jan, 2013

hahaha, starting to realise the popularity of 100-200


gumbuoy said on the 28th Jan, 2013

This thread was both the best of times and the blurst of times.


RocknrollHendo said on the 29th Jan, 2013

at least we wont have to listen to thrift shop


ThatDude123 said on the 29th Jan, 2013


loudQUIETloud said on the 29th Jan, 2013


jacegalvin said on the 29th Jan, 2013


gumbuoy said on the 12th Feb, 2013


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