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Field Day “move heaven andearth” for Hot Chip set

Hot Chip closed the action at Field Day in Sydney’s Domain Gardens on New Year’s Day with a brief 30 minute, four song set after losing their gear en route to the festival.

The London based crew had been scheduled to perform an hour long show from 5.35pm but when their equipment didn’t arrive as planned they were forced to play a DJ set instead. However, thanks to some last minute negotiations Hot Chip got a second shot, headlining the day with a truncated version of their live show at 11pm after Mark Ronson, Spank Rock and Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt had finished up.

In a post on Facebook, the Field Day crew thanked Hot Chip for playing two sets, their crew for pulling out all stops to get the show on with hardly any sleep, and the Botanic Gardens for “moving heaven and earth to get approval from the EPA to allow us a half an hour extension on our license”. The curfew extension was granted despite complaints from residents across the water on Sydney’s North Shore, which forced NSW premier to make a statement explaining that the noise from the event travelled much further than it did before because of the strength the south-westerly winds. Noise checks performed throughout the day by The Royal Botanic Gardens Trust met all the requirements.

Hot Chip still have five more Australian dates on their itinerary, with sets at Southbound, Summafieldayze, and sideshows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to keep them busy. The last time Hot Chip were out our way was for Splendour in the Grass in 2010, and a couple of LCD Soundsystem support slots. FL’s review of the Sydney sideshow noted that “what tends to make the Hot Chip shows great are the between-song jams and diversions, but a one-hour slot doesn’t allow much space for that. We do, however, get Alexis Taylor shredding at the end of ‘Hold On’ like no bespectacled geek in all-white has ever done before, before those classic house keys lead into an ecstatic ‘I Feel Better’.”.

Hot Chip dates:

Friday, January 4 – Southbound Festival
Saturday, January 5 – Doug Jennings Park, Gold Coast
Sunday, January 6 – The Tivoli, Brisbane
Tuesday, January 8 – Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Wednesday, January 9 – The Palace, Melbourne

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daveyac8881 said on the 2nd Jan, 2013

Which 4 songs did they play? The DJ set was so good


tonythecooldude said on the 4th Jan, 2013

bit hazy by then but pretty sure it was over and over, i feel better, one life stand and ready for the floor. i agree,the excellent dj set helped me get over the disappointment very quickly!