Image for Famed Melbourne live venue Pony set to close in December

Famed Melbourne live venuePony set to close in December

Melbourne live-music institution Pony – home of the famed 2am set – will close on December 2 after more than twelve years of late night debauchery.

According to The Age ’s Sticky Carpet column rising rents are to blame for the closure. Jon Perring, one of Pony’s three owners, has explained to The Age that while he is sad to see it go the decision “is essentially a business decision based on not being able to agree on a rental that would work for us to operate long term into the future.’’ Perring also owns the Tote, Bar Open and Yah Yah’s with business partners Andrew Portokallis and Sam Crupi.

Camillo Ippoliti, who owns Revolver in Prahran, Cookie and the Toff in the city with his son Daniel, has negotiated a new lease for Pony says that ‘’it is likely that after renovations live music will continue’’. Ippoliti also leases the Bridie O’Reilly’s next door to Pony, but says that the two venues will continue to “operate as separate but complementary businesses”.

Pony was one of the key points on Melbourne’s “Bermuda Triangle” of late night live venues in a three-pronged party vortex that extended from Cherry on Corporation Lane to Ding Dong on Market Lane. Writing about the Melbourne rock scene of the early-2000s FL editor Darren Levin recently described Pony as “the only place in Melbourne where you could (and still can) listen to ‘Search & Destroy’ at 6am while downing a Carlton Draught, until those musty red awnings would fling up and you’d be left scurrying out into the real world among the joggers and the soccer mums. “

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sarahanne said on the 5th Oct, 2012

Wasted the entire 21st year of my life in Pony...I think


johndean145 said on the 5th Oct, 2012

it's okay sarah, i'll probably waste my next 21 hours there.


sallymay said on the 5th Oct, 2012

the saddest part is a generation will miss the whole insane debauchery of this brilliant place. i may have to come back to melbs to give it one last hurrah and my traditional coopers sponsored vom on the curb at 6am.


ZePpLiNs666 said on the 5th Oct, 2012

Haven't been there, but it is quite a loss for the melbourne music scene. The free gig during MMW will be packed there then


Evil_bob said on the 5th Oct, 2012

where the hell am i going to drink when everywhere kicks me out?

Eugene Stereo

Eugene Stereo said on the 5th Oct, 2012

hang on a minute!! in the third paragraph, the article says "camillo ippoliti, who owns revolver in prahran, cookie and the toff in the city with his son daniel, has negotiated a new lease for pony says that %u2018%u2019it is likely that after renovations live music will continue%u2019%u2019."

so what is it ... is it closing down, or is it just going through some renovations and opening again as a live music venue renamed pony?? this is a confusing article ... can someone clear it up?


lineofbestfit said on the 7th Oct, 2012

junkies will have to nod off elsewhere