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Kiss and Mötley CrüeAustralian tour 2013


Pyrotechnics enthusiasts and tailors of leather pants rejoice! Kiss and Motley Crue will be touring Australia early next year.

Way back in January, Kiss manager Doc McGhee revealed that that the glam-rock giants were planning a return to Australia in 2013 and that news has now been confirmed via a Facebook post by Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. The star of your favourite rocker-compleates-collage-degree reality show Tommy Lee Goes to College has told his fans that he has completed touring for the year and will be taking “a little break til Jan 2013 then off to Australia with Kiss n Motley”.

Since July this year the glam icons have toured together playing over 40 dates across the US, Canada and Mexico on a tour they humbly dubbed The Tour. With both bands playing 90 minute sets, Gene Simmons promises that the shows will make “you will scream your head off until it’s no longer on your shoulder and then you’ll feel great. You’ll be drenched, exhausted, and completely satisfied without ever having anyone touch your schmekel.”

Despite having finally reached the big 6-0, Simmons and co show no sign of slowing down (or shying away from spandex) in their golden years. In fact, when FL faced off with Simmons back in 2008 he made it clear that he would be strapping on his platforms for as long as he is walking this earth: “There’s no high like a KISS high. You get up on stage and you get to wear more make up and higher heels than any woman ever has. Come on. And I wear a codpiece big enough to house every farm animal in Brisbane, so there’s a lot of fun and games there. And of course the other fun is doing the encores back in the hotel. It doesn’t suck. It’s a lot of fun.”

While no dates have been confirmed, the last time KISS were on our shores they played a huge run of arena sized shows, which left our reviewer admitting: “You would have to be so far beyond cynical to look around the arena and see all the people up on their friend’s shoulders, all the little kids going ape-shit and all the hardcore dudes with their arms around each other, singing along drunkenly out of tune, and think that this was anything other than the pinnacle of “who gives a shit” party anthems to be rocked along to with utter abandon.

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ZePpLiNs666 said on the 24th Sep, 2012

Seeing as both Rod Laver and Hisense are out for pretty much all of January, are they going to use AAMI park?


lineofbestfit said on the 24th Sep, 2012

oh man crizz is going to explode every pairs of pants he owns.


humanracin said on the 24th Sep, 2012

Add Poison and my 13 year old self maybe interested in a nostalgia kinda way...


Cr1zZ said on the 24th Sep, 2012

Seen KISS. They were crap. Can't imagine Motley will be much better. Excuse me whilst I sit here with Rush, Eric Clapton, Download Festival, Black Keys, Radiohead, Nightwish, Weezer, Johnny Winter tickets whilst I sort planning for Glastonbury tickets.


berlinchair101 said on the 24th Sep, 2012

The only good bands you just mentioned are touring Australia in the next two months. Eric Clapton tours Aus on the reg.


mondo22 said on the 24th Sep, 2012

Glastonbury is going to NZ Cr1zZ


Lucan said on the 24th Sep, 2012

KISS are always good value. Motley Crue, well, they were never my cup of tea.

Hope ticket prices are reasonable.


marigoldman said on the 24th Sep, 2012

you "hope ticket prices are reasonable"???? gl, this is gene money-hungry capitalist in it for the money rockstar simmons we're talking about here. and we thought farnham was bad at saying farewell. i used to be a massive kiss fan through the late 70's, 80's and even through the nineties but i wouldn't give simmons anything that even resembled money these days.


Nosyt said on the 24th Sep, 2012

Where the fuck does it say Rush are touring?

It's only Monday and you cunts just ruined my week.


BrokenVenom said on the 24th Sep, 2012

motley had some technical difficulties when i saw them in '05 with motorhead, but overall they had a good stage presence and sound as did motorhead. i'm a kiss fan and would like to check this out, pending on price. never seen kiss, and despite the bad rep they have for playing live in the last decade, i'm keen to still see them.


craig123 said on the 24th Sep, 2012

just the last decade ....?

Dexter Ramone

Dexter Ramone said on the 24th Sep, 2012

I don't think I've ever seen a bad Kiss concert.. You know what you're going to get; depends if it's your cup of tea.

I'll be going to this one for sure!


gumbuoy said on the 25th Sep, 2012

Do your parents know the Download and Glastonbury festivals are overseas?

Back on topic, once I saw Motley Crue for free, and at the end of it I asked for my money back!

Luckily Motorhead supported, they were tops.


berlinchair101 said on the 25th Sep, 2012

I never understood why they thought Motorhead opening for them on that tour would be a good idea.

It's like they wanted to be certain that you thought they were shit. Motorhead destroyed them.

Napoleon Solo

Napoleon Solo said on the 25th Sep, 2012

Where the fuck does it say Rush are touring?

It's only Monday and you ****s just ruined my week.

Sorry, may Sir Neil Peart turn your Tuesday into Friday.


GhostSniper said on the 25th Sep, 2012

omg i just got a hardon !


craig123 said on the 25th Sep, 2012

first time is always the hardest -- don't worry you'll get used to it...


GeePeeGeePee said on the 25th Sep, 2012

wait, so kiss and motley crue are doing a combined show??, awesome!!, have they done it before? and around how much would tickets be? thanks!


batdan said on the 25th Sep, 2012

1,000,000 blowjobs


T-Man said on the 27th Sep, 2012

can't wait for this!


arts said on the 29th Sep, 2012

when do the kiss tickets go on sale for sydney show early next year?


BrokenVenom said on the 30th Sep, 2012

motorhead did destroy motley off stage, but as i said, i'm a big kiss fan so i'd still like to see them, so i can judge for myself how bad they really are.... if they are that bad....