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First Listen: Sarah Blasko‘I Awake’

“At times I thought this record would kill me. Honestly, it was a behemoth! There were moments I felt I would sink beneath it.” Sarah Blasko clearly struggled with her fourth album but the follow-up to 2009’s As Day Follows Night is finally set for release on October 26.

With a rumble of drums the lead single and title track ‘I Awake’ released earlier today makes good on Blasko’s description of the album as “An avalanche of sound, soaring and shrieking, simple and striking, to send you tumbling.” The track also features the sound of your favourite Eastern European strings section with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra supplying the stirring finale.

Blasko spent the first half of last year in Brighton, England “alone with [her] thoughts and memories. Haunted and unsettled” before heading to Stockholm, Sweden with As Day Follows Night engineer and mixer, Lasse Mårtén to begin recording the album.

I Awake track list:

I Awake
An Arrow
Bury This
All Of Me
New Country
Illusory Light
Cast The Net
An Oyster, A Pearl
Not Yet

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atlien90 said on the 17th Sep, 2012

this woman desecrated hey ya. boycott.


Bel7861 said on the 17th Sep, 2012

so lovely, sarah never disappoints.


Piko said on the 23rd Sep, 2012

Looking forward to this album. With an orchestra = possible baby crib music also yip yip *adds to list*


crob said on the 23rd Sep, 2012


lineofbestfit said on the 24th Sep, 2012

main reason i'm going to the gc show for mumford, well that and i don't care for edward sharpe.