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The xx confirm Australian tour2013


UK trio The xx have made good on their promise to return to Australia in the new year.

The band made a whistlestop visit in July, playing two intimate balloted shows at Melbourne’s The Forum and Sydney’s Metro. Those shows sold out immediately, with promoters Handsome promising that plans were underway for a larger return in 2013.

While no dates have been set as yet, The xx confirmed on Facebook tonight they’re returning for shows in spring (we assume they mean our autumn – Groovin’ The Moo?). “We loved our recent trip to Australia and we’re looking forward to be returning for more shows,” they posted, along with a holiday snap. The band also thanked fans for their “overwhelming support” for new album Coexist.

In an interview with FL during their last Australian visit, band member Oliver Sim said the album was heavily inspired by dance music. “It’s something all three of us can appreciate,” he said. “The other two [Romy Madley Croft and Jamie xx] DJ a lot, but I have no ambition to DJ but enjoy being on the other side and enjoying the music. So I followed them around a lot last summer to their gigs.

“I think London right now I think it’s the most inspiring place to be for dance music. I find it very hard to keep up, it’s forever moving, evolving every day. What was 2-step and garage became dubstep, post-dubstep became really housey, and now it seems like really dark techno. I find it’s really cool and I kind of just appreciate it song by song. Jamie is really good at keeping his ear to the ground and keeping up with what’s going on.

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Aidan1234567 said on the 14th Sep, 2012

I'm sure the plethora of gangas and bogans at Groovin will really appreciate their style

Scooter mcgavin

Scooter mcgavin said on the 14th Sep, 2012

I love the xx & I enjoy groovin. Why can't a man look at (possibly illegal) short shorts & enjoy good tunes at the same time?


Quicky said on the 14th Sep, 2012

Would head to Groovin to see them but it depends on the rest of the lineup. Otherwise just going to head to a sideshow to see them. Enmore Theatre please :)


kforward said on the 14th Sep, 2012

i can't see them playing gtm. that isn't their setting, nor their festival. i could only really imagine them at splendour or bdo (in terms of festivals). hopefully this is a headline tour.


Stugalug said on the 14th Sep, 2012

They fit Golden Plains easily, and Laneway....You should get on the magic mushrooms as you have poor imagination.


lineofbestfit said on the 24th Sep, 2012

marina and the diamonds are more likely to do groovin,i think she'd be too expensive for laneway. So i'm betting laneway also.