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Soundwave 2013: ticketresales, new band added, thirdlineup due next week


Update: September 17
The third Soundwave lineup will be revealed on Friday, September 21.

The third round of the Soundwave lineup for 2013 will be released next week and on Friday, September 21, the festival will reissue tickets that have been reclaimed from scalpers.

All five dates on the festival tour have now put up the Sold Out sign but festival boss AJ Maddah has revealed that a “small batch of Adelaide, Perth and Sydney tickets” will be released. The tickets will be available through the festival’s website from 8m local time and Maddah has warned fans that “Once they’re gone, that’s all she wrote”.

Maddah has explained on Twitter that the resale tickets have been sourced from a system the festival had in place to “trace by credit card, address, or name, refund and cancel tickets” that were purchased by scalpers. There are no resale tickets available for Brisbane and Melbourne as the festivals efforts to cancel tickets were hampered by the ticketing agencies in those cities offering over the counter cash sales, or as Maddah put it on Twitter: “We got jack-shit as most have been bought for cash from stores, so we have no way of cancelling them [we will] be lucky to have enough left for media and band guests tbh”. There will only be a small number of tickets available in the resale but Maddah has confirmed that there will be “at least 320 Adelaide tickets for sale”.

English punk crew Sharks have already been inadvertently announced as part of the festival’s third lineup announcement due to “a fuck up” by Maddah on Twitter status/245474843913486336. Sharks were set to tour Australia last month as support for Pennywise and The Menzingers but the tour was cancelled when Pennywise singer Zoli Teglas injured his back. Maddah has confirmed that Pennywise will tour Australia soon promising “new dates and VERY special guests tba shortly”. It’s unclear whether The Menzingers will be still be part of the Pennywise tour or if they’ll join the festival tour, but Maddah has also promised that they’ll also tour soon.

Maddah had promised that he’d reveal the rest of the bill once donations to a charity set up to assist Kerri McCanna with the medical bills from her breast cancer treatment reached the $10k mark. McCanna is the sister of Dez Fafara, the vocalist for Soundwave tourists DevilDriver and Coal Chamber. The donations tally currently stands at $10708.39, including a generous $2500 donation from Maddah himself, and true to his word Maddah has confirmed on Twitter that the remainder of the Soundwave lineup will be released next week.

We go behind the Soundwave line-up to present a definitive guide to everything you need (and don’t really need) to know about next year’s Soundwave.

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DinkiDIDude said on the 14th Sep, 2012

Say what you want about the man, but releasing lineup details being dependant on charity donations is a pretty original and cool even not bitch about a dripfeed if every band was only revealed after punters had collectevily raised a certain amount for charity one band at a time, eg first band x amount, second band y amount on x's total etc or even do releases in groups 5 at a time or something.......probably not feasible, but then again 'financial anarchists' dont usually worry about that sort of thing.....hat off to you Maddah!


HardcoreMusic said on the 14th Sep, 2012

I'd have to agree with ya Dink


59sound said on the 14th Sep, 2012

no ticket and no one to with, win!


Oflick said on the 14th Sep, 2012

Man, don't you hate it when you have no one to with?