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Image for Sigur Ros to festival promoters: Don't make us play in the daylight

Sigur Ros to festivalpromoters: Don't make us playin the daylight

Sigur Ros have apologised to fans following their performance at Bestival claiming that “a perfect storm of production issues and technical problems conspired to mean that the band went on to have a thoroughly miserable experience on stage too”.

The band posted the apology on their official website explaining that set was “conducted without proper lights or visuals” due to “the expansive demands of the headliner” Stevie Wonder. As a result of the issues the band chose “to spare everyone’s blushes [and] draw a discrete veil over proceedings” refusing to allow the festival to broadcast the set on the live stream.

The issues could potentially have consequences for the timetabling of Sigur Ros’ upcoming performances at the Harvest festival. Prior to the Harvest tour last year the festival’s boss AJ Maddah faced similar timetabling issues with Portishead. In a blog post Maddah explained that “I thought was the perfect timetable. Then came word that 1 of our headliners wanted absolute silence on other stages. We had to comply with this for 2 reasons: Their amazing, melancholy and ethereal music would be ruined if there was any noise bleed from other stages; & They would cancel. And this was no bluff.”

In June, Harvest co-promoter Declan Forde told FL that “Similar to Portishead I suppose Sigur Ros have that spectacular kind of epic sound. I think they will fit in the set-up in a fairly similar way to how Portishead did last year. They will be playing the equivalent slot.”

Full statement from Sigur Ros:

Sigur Rós would like to apologise to anyone disappointed not to see the band’s bestival performance live online last night. Early in the day a decision had been made to delay broadcast till after the show to give the band a chance to review the footage ahead of webcast, since they were dismayed that their guaranteed “darkness” slot had been pushed into daylight by the expansive demands of the headliner. The band’s only UK show of the year, this would-be highlight of the 2012 calendar, would have to be conducted without proper lights or visuals. Sadly then, a perfect storm of production issues and technical problems conspired to mean that the band went on to have a thoroughly miserable experience on stage too. And to spare everyone’s blushes a decision was made to draw a discrete veil over proceedings. Sorry, but we can be so much better than what you missed. another time, for sure.


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mondo22 said on the 11th Sep, 2012

makes me think of the youtube video I saw of the flaming lips in the daytime in recent years. It was still really good, but nowhere near as awesome as if it were at night time


sarcasm_mister said on the 11th Sep, 2012

they should've put Stevie Wonder on during the day and told him it was actually night :P


Oflick said on the 11th Sep, 2012

Did you see Stevie Wonder's set?... No?...



berlinchair101 said on the 11th Sep, 2012

Marilyn Manson to festival promoters: 'Don't make me run, I'm full of chocolate.'

Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo said on the 11th Sep, 2012



truthlies said on the 11th Sep, 2012

Probably the same reason Courtney Love's Hole was rejected for SW that one time.