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Image for Laneway Festival promises “some killer locals" for 2013 lineup

Laneway Festival promises“some killer locals" for2013 lineup

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival has confirmed that the first “media announcement” for the 2013 festival will be revealed next Friday, September 7, and that the local lineup is “epic this year”. According to the excitable folk behind the festival’s Twitter account, there are “some killer locals heading up this bill … Among of course a diverse and very carefully crafted list of internationals … Local line up is epic this year. Best of the newest and brightest locals for sure”

A post on the festival’s blog hyping possible Laneway acts Purity Ring, Daughter, Japandroids Haim and Jessie Ware as the ‘Five international breakthrough acts for 2013’ also reveals that we’ll be seeing at least one of those acts on the 2013 lineup.

Japandroids seem to be the most likely contender from that shortlist as they recently revealed that they’re “coming in February.” But don’t go locking them in just yet – there’s also a few hints to support rumours of the other bands joining the Laneway bill; Purity Ring is “definitely one of the Laneway team’s favourite albums of this year”, Haim’s single ‘Forever’ will apparently be “soundtracking the Aussie summer in one way or another!”, and Jessie Ware was a featured vocalist the debut album from one of this year’s Laneway headliners SBTRKT.

In recent weeks the festival’s Twitter feed has been busy commenting on the new records from Laneway alumni The xx, Yeasayer, Ariel Pink as well as the new releases by Bloc Party, Cat Power, Flying Lotus and “one of our fave rappers” A$AP Rocky.

Other acts we wouldn’t be too shocked to see on next Friday’s lineup announcement include Divine Fits, Yeasayer, and Mount Eerie.

Laneway festival’s five international breakthrough acts for 2013

Purity Ring – ‘Fineshrine’

Daughter – Home’

Japandroids – ‘The House That Heaven Built

Haim – ‘Forever’

Jessie Ware live at the Nave

Photo by Tessy


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Jimmyopendoors said on the 31st Aug, 2012

temper trap,dappled cities. something for kate?


anonymousguy90 said on the 31st Aug, 2012

avalanches would be killer


Oflick said on the 31st Aug, 2012

[Insert out-of-place Australian band for hilarity]


Andeh said on the 31st Aug, 2012

Royal Headache, Catcall, Boomgates, Smith St Band, Collarbones, Seja


KatStanford said on the 31st Aug, 2012

yeasayer yeasayer yeasayer yeasayer


sarcasm_mister said on the 31st Aug, 2012

Chet Faker fo shizzle right?


bjw1 said on the 1st Sep, 2012

would the smith street band be out of place at laneway?


oldgregg said on the 2nd Sep, 2012

Ben Gibbard and The xx please.


oldgregg said on the 2nd Sep, 2012

or wilco? and stars.

all of the indie!


kforward said on the 2nd Sep, 2012

so what even is this? lineup announcement or the announcement for when the lineup is being announced...ment.


luxembourgerqueen said on the 2nd Sep, 2012

Most likely an announcement of the dates and when the lineup will be announced. Usually the actual lineup is announced in October. But who knows, a few of the other summer festivals have announced their lineups earlier than expected so Laneway might be doing the same.


kaydee said on the 2nd Sep, 2012

Not at all. They'd be perfect for that afternoon slot where Violent Soho & Total Control have played the last couple of years.

Make it happen Laneway Festival.


MorningAfterboy said on the 2nd Sep, 2012



Mitchhh464 said on the 3rd Sep, 2012

It would have to be The Avalanches! There is no other option! Besides Tame Impala ofcourse <3


MorningAfterboy said on the 3rd Sep, 2012

TRIPLE J WE LOVE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sarcasm_mister said on the 3rd Sep, 2012

Organisers have ruled out The xx.

Daft Punks Lip Sweat

Daft Punks Lip Sweat said on the 3rd Sep, 2012

Good. I want my headline tour.


teenagedream said on the 3rd Sep, 2012

probably won't happen, but twerps, dick diver or lower plenty!


01seb said on the 3rd Sep, 2012

Lock in Cat Power?


February 9th should be the last date of Laneway, if it's on the same weekend as this year was.

orange delight

orange delight said on the 3rd Sep, 2012

smith st band, jonathan boulet and dappled cities would be bliss