Image for The Saints: Now featuring ex-member of Thirsty Merc

The Saints: Now featuringex-member of Thirsty Merc

How do you replace one of the most distinctive guitarists in the history of Australian rock’n’roll? With a former member of Thirsty Merc, of course.

With the iconic Ed Kuepper no longer in the band, The Saints’ Chris Bailey has assembled yet another line-up of the seminal Australian punk outfit. It features drummer Peter Wilkinson, who joined the band in 1999; keyboardist Andy Judd aka The Reverend, who may or may not be the same guy from Sydney-based “worship band” Garage Hymnal; session musicians Simon Ferenci (trumpet) and Danny Carmichael (trombone); and guitarist Sean Carey, who played with Thirsty Merc from 2005 to 2009.

The new line-up of The Saints recently recorded their 16th studio album, King of The Sun. Out September 24 through Highway 125, the album features 11 Bailey originals recorded at Trackdown Studio in Sydney, as well as a disc of classic Saints material. “The Saints have always been my main passion, despite my promiscuity and desire for musical experiment,” said Bailey. “I feel that The Saints are an unfinished musical journey. This album is one step closer on this road.”

The newly-minted band will tour Australia at the end of the year, performing in Melbourne, Perth and at Sydney’s Blondie-headlined Homebake in December. Tickets for the headline shows are $63.90 plus booking fees. More dates to be announced.

Saints November/December tour

Friday 23 November – Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Friday 30 November – Fly By Night, Perth
Saturday 8 December – Homebake, Sydney

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NoniDoll said on the 30th Aug, 2012

sean is an absolute gent. nice to hear what he's up to these days!


gumbuoy said on the 30th Aug, 2012

this headline is just one shudder-inducing moment after another.


Demosthenes said on the 30th Aug, 2012

The Saints needs to be euthanased.


ivzm said on the 30th Aug, 2012

give it up bailey, you did great things but are well past it now and just washed up. dude needs to get some dignity.

Sounding Bored

Sounding Bored said on the 31st Aug, 2012

what do you think? post your comment...

Sounding Bored

Sounding Bored said on the 31st Aug, 2012

the saints aint saints without ed kuepper.


Demosthenes said on the 31st Aug, 2012

Would pay money to see The Aints.

Would pay money to not see The Saints.


uncleherman said on the 31st Aug, 2012

no mention that kuepper was also the main songwriter they still play his songs

Sounding Bored

Sounding Bored said on the 2nd Sep, 2012

article reports..."the newly-minted band will tour australia at the end of the year"
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