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Artists and venues unite tosave Sydney's music scene

A free panel discussion will be held at the Annandale Hotel next Wednesday night featuring triple j’s The Doctor, Annandale owner Matt Rule and artist/triple j presenter/keyboard warrior Brendan Maclean focusing on the relationship between musicians and the venues they play.

A little over a month ago Maclean wrote an article for FL titled Why I Wont Miss the Sando provoking responses ranging from kudos to death threats as punters passionately argued about the state of the live scene in Sydney. Annandale Hotel owner Matt Rule felt empathy for Sando owner Tony Townsend and wrote a letter to Maclean offering an alternate perspective and within the week Rule and Maclean were sitting down together in the Annandale Hotel beer garden for what proved to be an incredibly insightful chat .

The one-off event presented by The Annandale Hotel, FasterLouder, and MusicNSW aims to improve the state of the Sydney’s live music scene and more specifically the relationships between venues and artists. And the Annandale welcomes all the ‘keyboard warriors’ to leave the net for the night and get their arse down to venue to be involved in something “real, unique, and most likely a little bit special”.

The discussion will be followed by a Q&A as well as live performances by The Fabergettes, Little Lovers, and Annie Mckinnon.

Two to Tango panelists:

The Doctor (Triple J)
Matt Rule (The Annandale)
Brendan Maclean (Keyboard Warrior)
Siobhan Poynton (MusicNSW)
Dave Rennick (Dappled Cities)
Tony Gosden (Jam Music/ The Beresford)
Jay Katz (musician/DJ)

The Annandale Hotel
7pm, Wednesday 5 September
Free Entry

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imparts said on the 4th Sep, 2012

this is going to be VERY interesting


chickenman said on the 4th Sep, 2012

wish i could get there, stuck in qld, damn, gunna be interesting nite.


kaydee said on the 4th Sep, 2012

I'm going to try and get down to this. I'm not sure how they can turn a panel discussion into some kind of tangible action to 'save Sydney's music scene' but it will be an interesting night nonetheless.


Piko said on the 4th Sep, 2012

Good luck to 'em The Annandale has done the right thing jumping on this bandwagon as they may well be next and what will people say then? So get involved before another icon falls people.