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Puscifer confirmed forSoundwave 2013

Update – 23 August
Puscifer WON’T be touring as part of Soundwave. Carina Round has apologised for leading fans on claiming that her tweets were pranks – “Sorry guys. Bad Joke.”

Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan will be bringing two bands to Soundwave FestivalA Perfect Circle and Puscifer.

When A Perfect Circle was announced on the first lineup of Soundwave Puscifer tweeted “Soundwave Confirmed. More news to follow” and linked in the Twitter accounts of Puscifer band members Carina Round, Mat Mitchell and Matt McJunkins.

Puscifer later announced that “The is confirming APC NOT Puscifer for Soundwave” but it seemed unusual that Puscifer members Carina Round and Mat Mitchell had been included in the post. And when asked by a fan if “there any chance of getting @Puscifer on the bill?” Soundwave’s boss AJ Maddah cryptically replied “Yes! And also No!”

Now Puscifer co-vocalist Carina Round has confirmed that the band will be touring as part of the Soundwave 2013 festivities. Earlier today Round tweeted “See you soon Australia with Puscifer” with a link directing her followers to the Soundwave festival website.

Round joined Puscifer as a touring member in 2009 and appears on almost every track on the band’s most recent album, 2011’s Conditions of My Parole. She has also played the support slot on tour with Puscifer and released a solo album, Tigermending, earlier this year featring guest appearances by Dave Stewart, Brian Eno and Billy Corgan.

A third round of Soundwave lineup announcements is expected in September or early October and according to Maddah it will feature “1 or two sizeable bands”.

While it now appears that Puscifer will be part of this third round announcement Maddah has already ruled out any hopes of seeing Maynard James Keenan’s ‘other’ band Tool on the lineup.


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hellboy1975 said on the 22nd Aug, 2012

my guess is that we'll see puscifer playing some sideshows while apc plays soundwave.


batdan said on the 22nd Aug, 2012

I'm a massive Tool fan but still haven't heard Pucifier.


batdan said on the 22nd Aug, 2012

in before any other cunt


MorningAfterboy said on the 22nd Aug, 2012

Was not going to give you the satisfaction of calling it on yourself!


Braveheart81 said on the 22nd Aug, 2012

Not sure which is worse for you personally.


humanracin said on the 22nd Aug, 2012

Carina Round's solo stuff is really good
would attend a Carina Round/Puscifer/A Perfect Circle sideshow


hellboy1975 said on the 22nd Aug, 2012

tweeted by carina later today:

jk. no australia. prankster me.
sorry guys. bad joke.


Nosyt said on the 9th Nov, 2012

Confirmed for sideways


grattan said on the 9th Nov, 2012

Dwayne Barry

Dwayne Barry said on the 9th Nov, 2012

any idea on ticket prices? god damn... two days after mbv at tivoli...


Nosyt said on the 9th Nov, 2012

Good reason to be deaf