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Watch: Tim Rogers stars in AFLfinals campaign

Tim Rogers is the face of this year’s AFL finals campaign.

The You Am I frontman and North Melbourne Kangaroos fanatic stars in a series of four This is Greatness commercials, the first of which premiered on Channels 10’s Before The Game last Thursday night. The ad features Rogers seated in an empty stadium, with highlights of classic AFL matches playing a giant screen in the background.

“This is a whole new level,” Rogers says to the camera as AC/DC’s Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N’ Roll) blares away in the background. “This is memories of legends past; of magic never to be repeated, but always to be retold.”

Andrew Catterall, the AFL’s general manager of marketing and strategy, said Rogers’ appearance continues the AFL’s aim of connecting the game with Australian music. This year, acts including the recently departed Little Red, Airbourne, Stonefield, Spiderbait, Children Collide and even Rogers himself have performed at the MCG and Ethihad Stadium in Melbourne as part of the Live at the Footy initiative.

It’s the second time Rogers has taken part in This is Greatness, voicing the campaign to last year’s final series. “He is an icon of Australian music and continues our theme of connecting Australian music with Australia’s game,” Catterall told “Tim is a terrific representation of the fans and the passion we all feel for the finals.”

Rogers’ new solo album Rogers Sings Rogerstein is out this Friday (August 24) through new ABC imprint Four Four. He’s currently touring Australia. Dates here.

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BundyandCola said on the 19th Aug, 2012

I hope he gets paid a shitload cause he deserves every penny.


Stugalug said on the 19th Aug, 2012

I've experienced the Live at the Footy initiative twice this season and in all honesty, it's horrible. From the other side of the stadium, you can hear the band noise travelling across the ground and a completely different sound coming from the stadium speakers. Its like being between stages at a festival. It's not doing anybody any favours. If they are going to persist with the initiative, and I hope they do, a better setup needs to be found.


berlinchair101 said on the 19th Aug, 2012

Tim Rogers > most other cunts


grattan said on the 27th Aug, 2012

Classic comment on the YouTube from "mikhunt003"

This guy is such a drug fuck!

Dont care if he's a famous musican, his face is a portrait of long spanning drug abuse.

Why would u want that to be the face of a wholesome sport?

I wouldnt want kids seeing him as a role model....