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AC/DC hint at 40th anniversarytour plans

AC/DC will celebrate the 40th anniversary of their formation in November next year and according to David Albert, the boss at music management group Alberts, they’re likely to mark the occasion with a new album or tour.

Albert made the announcement at the ARIA No.1 Chart Awards, which recognised the achievements of performers like Reece Mastin, Karise Eden and Justice Crew late last week, telling the audience that there “will hopefully be some big [AC/DC] news for a new album or new tour next year.”

Back in May, Malcolm Young confirmed that the band is working on a follow-up to 2008′s Black Ice telling Classic Rock that “It’ll be a little while – a year or two anyway… I’ve been doing some jamming on some song ideas but I do that all the time, as do the rest of the band. We are still working. But we had a long rest between Stiff Upper Lip and Black Ice, so I think we need a couple of years to recuperate and work on it a bit more.”

Young revealed that it’s unlikely that the band will ever tour on the scale of the Black Ice tour, which lasted almost two years and sold nearly five million tickets with his son Ross claiming that “It would probably be a bit less, a year or 18 months.”

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Oflick said on the 15th Aug, 2012

They should just do a festival tour or something. Cut down on the production (i.e. cannons, giants rosies etc.) and just play their classics (and Down Payment Blues).

AC/DC's managers should listen to me. I read AJ Maddah's twitter, so clearly I'm an expert in the field.


crob said on the 15th Aug, 2012

does this means we will get Soundwave Revolution II - this time its personal


hellboy1975 said on the 15th Aug, 2012

I'd only go see them if they played Bon Scott era songs


MorningAfterboy said on the 15th Aug, 2012

That would suck. Brian can't/doesn't sing like Bon at all.


Andeh said on the 15th Aug, 2012

Revolution Boogaloo?


tyler07 said on the 15th Aug, 2012

I'm a fairly casual fan of AC/DC but would see live if they toured. I didn't see them last time and I enjoy big productions and, most of all, being a hessian.


psychotron said on the 19th Aug, 2012

huh? pretty much all they play are bon scott era songs, easily over half the set is scott era. 5 of the top 6 albums played they play songs from are all scott era. guess you have never seen them live....


Braveheart81 said on the 20th Aug, 2012

That is not really true.

Take the Sydney show I went to in 2010 (I saw their previous tour before that as well in about 2001 or thereabouts).

Rock N' Roll Train - new
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
Back in Black - post Bon
Big Jack - new
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Shot Down in Flames
Thunderstruck - post Bon
Black Ice - new
The Jack
Hells Bells - post Bon
Shoot to Thrill - post Bon
War Machine - new
High Voltage
You Shook Me All Night Long - post Bon
Whole Lotta Rosie
Let There Be Rock
(including a 15-minute Angus Young Solo)
Highway to Hell
For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) - post Bon

So more than half their setlist was post Bon Scott.


grattan said on the 24th Aug, 2012

Triple M's music reporter and Melbourne's Cherry Bar owner James Young reported this morning that Alberts, the company that AC/DC have been signed to for 39 years have "confirmed" that AC/DC will be touring behind a brand new album next year to mark the 40th anniversary of AC/DC.


Oflick said on the 24th Aug, 2012

Which Brand New album will they be touring under? The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me? #obvtrollisobv


Braveheart81 said on the 24th Aug, 2012

Hopefully the new album is called High Voltage Rock 'n Roll Train from Hell.

I'm pretty sure I could provide an approximate track listing right now.


Oflick said on the 24th Aug, 2012

The album will be called "intro/verse/chorus/verse/chorus/guitar solo/verse (optional)/chorus/outro".

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer said on the 27th Aug, 2012

No rush on a new album, but a tour would be most welcome.

Festival tour is a good idea - they could headline an all-Aussie lineup and call it Accabake.