Image for Refused to tour Australia “in the next three months”

Refused to tour Australia“in the next three months”

Ever since Swedish punks Refused confounded all expectations and reformed to play Coachella earlier this year, Aussie fans have been waiting with bated breath for news of a tour – and now it seems we have our strongest lead yet.

In an interview with FL earlier this week Big Day Out promoter Ken West name-checked Refused as one of the bands he had hoped to secure for the 2013 lineup, but lamented that negotiations fell through because “the guitarist [was busy] producing an opera in Sweden”. He then revealed that “I think they are coming in three months; it’s still in the bidding process. Probably AJ [Maddah, Soundwave promoter] will get that, he ends up getting all that stuff.”

While Maddah had previously ruled the Swedes out for Soundwave 2013, saying “unfortunately members of Refused are otherwise engaged between December and April”, a headline tour in coming months would line up nicely with the band’s current world tour plans. They are set to finish up their US tour in early November, while Dennis Lyxzen assured fans last month that more “non-American” dates would be announced soon.

When asked via twitter if Refused were a chance for Harvest 2012, Maddah replied “One of the greatest bands in the world. But not a Harvest band.”. No doubt Sigur Ros fans will be sighing a collective (ethereal) breath of relief.

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Oflick said on the 16th Jul, 2012

This Sigur Ros fan thinks Refused into Sigur Ros would be fucking awesome.


tyler07 said on the 16th Jul, 2012

A Refused headlining tour would be off the fucking chain. Would cause so much carnage, can't wait.


Braveheart81 said on the 16th Jul, 2012

If they had been on the BDO lineup, I bet the same posters complaining about the lineup would be whinging that they got some shit punk band no one had ever heard of and should have booked a real punk band like The Offspring instead.


Jamezwm said on the 16th Jul, 2012

Remember when I saw them at Coachella? How money was that


batdan said on the 17th Jul, 2012

You are wrong. I really wish that taxi driver shot you in the gut right now.


lineofbestfit said on the 17th Jul, 2012

no sleep is being announced on the racket tonight


tyler07 said on the 18th Jul, 2012

I dunno if it's already been said but when AJ was asked two days ago if Refused were touring in 2013 he bluntly responded with 'Refused will not tour Australia in 2013'. So looks like we're getting it this year.

Tivoli show in Brisbane, plz!


Oflick said on the 18th Jul, 2012

I'm not a watchmaker, but from what I understand this year and next year aren't the only years we have to choose from.


tyler07 said on the 18th Jul, 2012

Nah, the world ends this year remember. They thought we'd better at least get a Refused tour in before the apocalypse.

Stefan Beck

Stefan Beck said on the 18th Jul, 2012

G Man's getting almost as bad as Nui.


batdan said on the 18th Jul, 2012

I've had a dislike for Nui since 1992. Santos is streets ahead. Don't know much about this G Man fella.


berlinchair101 said on the 19th Jul, 2012

Refused were killer on Jimmy Fallon last night.

The faces of The Roots after they played were funny.


tyler07 said on the 20th Jul, 2012

Refused were indeed awesome, so goddamn good. And jeez they look good doing it, so many classy get-ups.

Cannot wait until I see this business live.