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Soundwave boss promises not todrip-feed the 2013 festivallineup

Although the lineup for the 2013 Soundwave festival has already started to leak, Soundwave boss AJ Maddah has promised that he won’t drip feed the lineup for the festival.

Via his hyper-active Twitter account or rescheduled tours, Maddah has already confirmed several bands for the festival’s lineup but he claims that the rest of the details will be revealed in “One announcement. BANG!”.

Maddah says that he doesn’t have a date in mind for the release of the lineup and will wait until it “is complete” before releasing the details. The 2012 lineup dropped in early October last year, possibly delayed by the planning of the Soundwave Revolution/Counter Revolution tour, but in previous years the lineups have been released in August or September.

With another recent tweet Maddah has also offered a tiny glimmer of hope that there could be a Soundwave Counter Revolution event in 2012.

The Soundwave Revolution festivals were only ever intended as a special one-off for 2011 and although Maddah has repeatedly shot down rumours that it would return this year fans are still asking about its possible return. Shortly after repeating his message that there is no chance of a Soundwave Revolution this year, Maddah told another punter that a Counter Revolution would “probably not” happen this year. The surprising comment suggests that the idea has at least been considered and that there’s even a (slim) chance of a another mini-fest happening later this year.

While commenting on possible Soundwave 2013 bands Maddah has suggested that several bands including Motion City Soundtrack, Trivium, Breathe Carolina, Black Stone Cherry, Baroness, Falling in Reverse, and Limp Bizkit could be touring for Soundwave Touring before the 2013 festival.

So could we see a mini-Soundwave Counter Revolution tour hit our shores later this year?

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orange delight

orange delight said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

just watch him drip feed it over 2 weeks, purely for the sake of being a c#&^


Doctoresq said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

not even in australia for sw13 but what i wouldnt give to see baroness...


Oflick said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

What about the 5 or 6 bands that have already been announced? Or were they all announced by the bands themselves (and hence not technically a drip-feed)?


HEAD OF STATE said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

I want to know who the big act that couldn't make SWR was. Rage?


Oflick said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

I thought it was cancelled because Van Halen pulled out.


Hinee said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

The main rumour was that Aerosmith were the co-headliner but they pulled out, thus AJ somehow thought the festival wouldn't be up to standard to carry on. Who the fuck really knows though.


tyler07 said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

I think considering the SW-Rev bill, it would appear that he paid Van Halen an outrageous amount of cash, tickets didn't sell as well as they needed to, and then they either pulled out or needed more money thus resulting in a cancelled festival as it was no longer financially feasible #my2cents