Image for RocKwiz urges punters to avoid the "hipster apocalypse" by keeping away from live gigs

RocKwiz urges punters to avoidthe "hipster apocalypse" bykeeping away from live gigs

Didn’t pull a crowd to your last gig? There is a chance that your crappy music is not to blame.

An advertisement for the new series of SBS cult music program Rockwiz, which urges people to “Escape the hipster apocalypse” by watching telly instead of going to see a local band, cranked internet vitriol up to eleven over the weekend.

The clip features a trio of punters being chased out of a pub by zombie hipsters. “Face it: going out to see gigs is pretty scary now,” booms the voiceover guy in a distinctly ‘Stop The Boats’ tone. “Escape the hipster apocalypse – stay in and rock with RocKwiz. The best gig in town is at home.”

Despite the show’s tongue being firmly in its cheek, with so many venues closing or up for sale – including Melbourne’s East Brunswick Club, Phoenix Public House and The Palace, Adelaide’s Jade Monkey, Brisbane’s The Tivoli and Sydney’s The Basement – the ad has triggered some very serious reactions from punters who think it is in poor taste. Many of the programs fans have taken to Facebook to express their distaste, with one rallying viewers to lodge a formal complaint to SBS: “Your local live bands invest a huge amount of time and money into entertaining the community and it is hard enough to get a crowd out to a gig as it is without adds such as this raising the middle finger to musicians and fans alike. What muppets!”

Responding to criticism this morning, the Rockwiz team tweeted: “Don’t blame us! Not our idea at all. Shoot the messenger!”

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yo-dawg said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

yeah it's a bit poor taste.. :/


Oflick said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

If Craig Reucassel had a sex change he would look like the host of Rockwiz.


gumbuoy said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

I already said this on Twitter, but really? Out of ALL the offensive ads on television, we're getting offended by THIS Rockwiz ad?
The ad is poor and a little misguided. But I can't see it actually having an impact on genuine gig-going audiences.

And we're quoting "Facebook users" for reaction quotes now?

As for how M+N think it ties into the alcohol-fuelled-violence-at-gigs debate, thats just plain ridiculous, and audience-bating.


Braveheart81 said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

Being a music fan is srs bsns.


grattan said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

RocKwiz: Actually that was a public service announcement from SBS. Not sanctioned by us.


nos235 said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

people are far too easily offended these days

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

The Voice is fair more offensive than this, which isn't offensive in the first place.

Napoleon Solo

Napoleon Solo said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

Pissed off hipsters can only hurt you on social network sites. Everyone knows that.

Napoleon Solo

Napoleon Solo said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

No one reads their blogs though.

Fake Plastic Android

Fake Plastic Android said on the 3rd Jul, 2012


Bandolier said on the 4th Jul, 2012

oh, come on. i work in advertising and it's the old "advertising junk food to children" argument. if advertisements were that powerful that they could convince everyone who watched them to do exactly as you said, we'd be millionaires and probably work for magneto in his fight against humanity. for the 12 people who saw this ad on sbs, i doubt it convinced them to skip a gig. if anything it proves australia has lost its sense of humour.


berlinchair101 said on the 4th Jul, 2012

Shit... they're on to us.


Piko said on the 4th Jul, 2012

I see this ad a lot as a le tour watcher. I had a giggle and never took any offence.

Napoleon Solo

Napoleon Solo said on the 4th Jul, 2012

I don't get it? Is this some hipster runoff bizarro blog?

Fake Plastic Android

Fake Plastic Android said on the 4th Jul, 2012

Any response I give is only going to result in me being bagged out for watching himym.


GrimFandango said on the 4th Jul, 2012

that would be legen............dary.


Nance said on the 6th Jul, 2012

seriously?!?! get a grip! it's an ad for a television show. by a television station. of course sbs are gonna want people to syat home and watch the box. but you know what? it's a joke.


craig123 said on the 6th Jul, 2012

i am amazed this is newsworthy. but i do like the hipster zombie look though.


nos235 said on the 9th Jul, 2012

We're also talking about a show that finishes at 9pm at night for god's sake. That really ruins the evening's plans.