Image for Ben Harper’s first-ever acoustic headline tour

Ben Harper’s first-everacoustic headline tour

Ben Harper will return in November to perform his first-ever acoustic headline tour in Australia.

While Harper tours often enough to make Australia his second home, his most recent visits playing with full band lineups – Innocent Criminals, Relentless 7 and Fistful of Mercy – and have been made for one off shows at Bluesfest last year, Splendour 2010, and a trip supporting Pearl Jam in 2009. This tour in November will be the first time he has made a solo acoustic visit. And he’s promising to deliver a two-hour plus show performing a selection of career highlights from his 1994 debut Welcome to the Cruel World, to his latest album, Give Till It’s Gone.

When FL spoke to a very open and honest Harper last year he admitted that he’d “made records that I have known haven’t been better than Fight for Your Mind. Matter of fact, I’ve probably never admitted it until now, [but Give Till It’s Gone ] may be the first record that rivals Fight for Your Mind.” He also spoke about his vast array of song styles from southern Gospel, to funk, blues, reggae, and rock and roll explaining that “If I am heartfelt, and feeling these different styles and rhythms and sounds and melodies and lyrics, if it’s genuine, and it’s un-contrived and it’s urgent and bloodthirsty, well then, why can’t I put these different styles together? Even if it is Walk Away and Like A King, why not? Why can’t my voice be the thread?”

Ben Harper acoustic headline tour:
Friday 9 November – Convention Centre, Brisbane
Saturday 10 November – The Plenary, Melbourne
Monday 12 November – Opera House, Sydney

Tickets On Sale 9am, Wednesday 11 July

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BeShakey said on the 1st Jul, 2012

Following in the footsteps of most other 90's stars, Ben Harper is going to ditch Relentless 7 (huzzah!) and do a solo acoustic tour. Only dates I've seen so far are November 3 and 4 in New Zealand and November 9 in Sydney. Presumably full dates will be announced soon.


Piko said on the 1st Jul, 2012

He will still just sit in a chair and be boring


Stugalug said on the 1st Jul, 2012

I really enjoy sitting. Not sure I could watch someone else do it, if I wasn't able to. I get all jealous like a demon.


BeShakey said on the 1st Jul, 2012

But he will sit very earnestly and sincerely. Surely thats worth paying to see?


humanracin said on the 1st Jul, 2012

Hmm, shouldn't acoustic shows be at intimate venues and not convention centres?


Edie1 said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

which company will be selling the tickets? no info on ticketmaster or ticketek. help would be greatly appreciated!


grattan said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

No info on their site yet - but Live Nation is the promoter - they have a pre-sale from 1pm Friday July 6 until 5pm Sunday July 8.

Stefan Beck

Stefan Beck said on the 2nd Jul, 2012

This was the big Live Nation tour?!


grattan said on the 3rd Jul, 2012

Harper's producing a covers record for Rickie Lee Jones:

The Devil You Know – Tracklisting:

Sympathy For The Devil (Mick Jagger-Keith Richards)
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Neil Young)
Masterpiece (Ben Harper)
The Weight (Robbie Robertson)
St. James Infirmary (traditional)
Comfort You (Van Morrison)
Reason To Believe (Tim Hardin)
Play With Fire (Mick Jagger-Keith Richards-William Wyman-Robert Charles Watts-Brian Jones)
Seems Like A Long Time (Theodore Anderson)
Catch The Wind (Donovan Leitch)


Edie1 said on the 3rd Jul, 2012

thanks grattan. and piko's clearly not seen ben live before. boring he ain't.


BeShakey said on the 3rd Jul, 2012

I've seen him three times in the last few years and boring is fair. Maybe not 10 years ago, but now...


Edie1 said on the 3rd Jul, 2012

i've seen him 9 times and 2 in the last 2 years. never ever boring. just because he changes his style doesn't mean he's losing his mojo. just evolving as a musician.


Braveheart81 said on the 3rd Jul, 2012

I saw Ben Harper and the Relentless 7 at The Metro a couple of years ago and it was terrible.


berlinchair101 said on the 3rd Jul, 2012

I like Ben Harper on record but he is sooooooo boring live.


Piko said on the 4th Jul, 2012

Seen Ben Harper twice thanks, mind you in the last 3 years. Bored me both times.


grattan said on the 9th Jul, 2012

Second Sydney gig: