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Image for Harvest on foundation member presale issues: "We totally understand the frustration"

Harvest on foundation memberpresale issues: "We totallyunderstand the frustration"

If you were among the civilised gathering of fans watching Portishead, The Flaming Lips and The National at Harvest last year you (should) have been invited to join the Harvest Foundation Members club and benefit from the right to buy tickets in the presale for this year’s festival.

Harvest Foundation Members will be issued with a Foundation Membership card, which will have their name and a unique barcode on it. When activated online by paying for your ticket, this card will become a ticket to this year’s event and entitle you to other (as yet announced) benefits. The festival promises that by joining as a Harvest Foundation Member you will never pay postage or ticket delivery costs for the festival. More information about other benefits of being a foundation member will be sent out to members once they are registered.

An email featuring a unique code to register as a Harvest Foundation Member has been sent to Harvest fans who purchased their 2011 tickets through the Harvest or OzTix websites. Festival boss AJ Maddah has revealed on Twitter that fans who purchased their tickets through Ticketek will not receive an invitation as the ticketing company has refused to share the email addresses with the festival. As yet no solution to this issue has been announced, although Maddah has asked for some fans to send the festival copies of the ticket purchase confirmation emails from last year to prove their eligibility for the Harvest Foundation Members club.

Harvest says that they “totally understand the frustration here… We really want to help as much as we can and we’re really sorry for the inconvenience caused by this.” On Facebook the festival has asked fans to provide proof of their eligibility for the Harvest Foundation Member’s club: “Is there any way you can dig up the order proof so we can assist you? Maybe the email confirmation is still buried in your email. Or does Ticketek have an order history when you log into your account?” You can contact Harvest with proof of you eligibility for Foundation membership at info@harvestfestival.com.au.

For the fans who have received their invitations it hasn’t been smooth sailing with many fans complaining in the FL forums and on the Harvest Facebook page that the passwords they have been given by the festival don’t work.

OzTix has issued a statement offering a few points to everyone who is looking to purchase the Harvest tickets in the Foundation Members pre sale: “If your password is saying it has been used already, please e-mail info@oztix.com.au or call oztix on 1300 762 545 and we can investigate for you. If you have not received your e-mail, contact us and we can give you your password. The password is a 4 digit code, only enter a 4 digit code and no more, then select 1 ticket and go through the purchase process. You have to complete 1 order for each password/ ticket that you wish to purchase.

The presale for Harvest Foundation Members opened at 9am today and will run until 8am Thursday 28 June.


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Hinee said on the 26th Jun, 2012

I posted this in the other harvest thread, but feel it pretty important for those considering buying in the general sale.

Guys, can I stress that if you don't purchase tickets in the presale, you will not be considered a foundation member. This presale is basically purchasing your membership. Call oztix and quote your receipt number from last year and you will get a 4 digit code. I didn't get the email either.


shazie said on the 26th Jun, 2012

Got my tickets, thankfully with no problems!


yetiite said on the 26th Jun, 2012

Well, I simply can't afford tickets this year, at least not in the next few days. So I guess I won't be a foundation member :/


gumbuoy said on the 26th Jun, 2012

got an error on my second code, calling the number it says to ring and it just rings out. Fantastic.


Braveheart81 said on the 26th Jun, 2012

Email info@oztix.com.au and tell them your codes. I got a reply within a couple of hours saying my codes had been reset and I was able to purchase a second ticket.


batdan said on the 26th Jun, 2012

got an error on my second code, calling the number it says to ring and it just rings out. Fantastic.[/QUOTE

Blame the carbon tax.


gumbuoy said on the 26th Jun, 2012

Yep, did that as soon as I couldn't get through on the phone.



humanracin said on the 26th Jun, 2012

Just bought tickets!
Membership thing won over waiting for 2nd announcement, still hoping for some good additions.


gumbuoy said on the 26th Jun, 2012

got a reply back from oztix, they reset the password, worked now, so we're all set.


Braveheart81 said on the 26th Jun, 2012

... and I thought you weren't going?


gumbuoy said on the 26th Jun, 2012

With it practically confirmed that there'll be no brissie sideshows, I kinda have to. But I'm going to carry such a grudge...

Plus, I really like this idea of the card system, so if we change our minds, we'll at least still have the cards for next year...


Braveheart81 said on the 26th Jun, 2012

It will look nice next to your Livid and V Festival membership cards in the future.


gumbuoy said on the 26th Jun, 2012

No Livid card, but I've still got my Vfest press card in the ticket table, I think.

Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo said on the 26th Jun, 2012

I never got my playground weekender membership cards after years of being promised it would be sent out :(

Harvest ticket gotted though


neuroticwill said on the 26th Jun, 2012

From the Harvest Fb page:


"The Harvest Foundation Members Invitation will be extended until the event is sold out in each city."