Image for Soundwave boss: Ticket prices will rise "by 5 to 7%" next month

Soundwave boss: Ticket priceswill rise "by 5 to 7%" nextmonth

According to Soundwave and Harvest Festival boss AJ Maddah we can expect to see a “5% to 7% rise in concert and festival tickets” once the carbon tax is implemented next month.

During a break from posting comments about the Euro 2012 championships and dropping hints about his bookings for Soundwave 2013, Maddah told his Twitter followers that the “bullshit tax” will “do nothing for the environment”. The outspoken promoter believes that “ultimately all cost increases have to be factored in to the price to consumers… [and that] the public, and young people in particular, get fucked as usual.”

Maddah claims that “a carrot & stick set-up would have been effective. Giv[ing] deductions to those who implement more efficient technologies. All the money raised should go directly to solar panels, wind farms, etc. That’s the only way to make an impact.”

An increase of 5-7% on this year’s Soundwave prices would see you dropping between $162.75 and $165.85 (plus booking fees and postage) for your tickets next year.

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shazie said on the 25th Jun, 2012


hellboy1975 said on the 25th Jun, 2012

how does he explain the prices rises every other year?


gomez said on the 25th Jun, 2012

aj - try providing some relief by allowing us to buy full strength beers at reasonable prices instead of forcing us to drink that mid-strength shit.


hellboy1975 said on the 25th Jun, 2012

i think the drink selection is more a licensing thing than aj's choice. we have full strength beer at the adelaide show.


gumbuoy said on the 25th Jun, 2012

I really wish people would start taking more responsibility for their choices around the carbon tax.

It's not

"Prices are going to rise."


"I am going to raise prices"

And then you back it up with reasoning. If the reasoning isn't enough to convince people, then maybe you should be thinking about why you're doing it.

The price of everything is rising, of its own accord, instead of being increased, by people, by choice. It's such passive aggressive bullshit.


Braveheart81 said on the 25th Jun, 2012

If you actually properly calculated the impact of the carbon tax on a music festival, it wouldn't be very much.

There is about an 8% increase in electricity costs and somewhere between 2 and 5% for travel costs.

The biggest cost for the festival will be artist fees which should be completely unaffacted therefore the impact of the carbon tax would struggle to be 2% I'd estimate.

Napoleon Solo

Napoleon Solo said on the 25th Jun, 2012

Well my chances of not attending Soundwave has increased by 7% to what is now 107%.


daz2811 said on the 25th Jun, 2012

as hellboy1975 has already said, promoters are so quick to raise the prices when the dollar is low, the carbon tax comes in, petrol prices rise. but when our dollar was doing brilliantly we didn't see any drop in price. maddah should stop his whining when he is part of the problem.