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Major Australian stagingcompany collapses

ES Group, the company that provided staging for the ARIA Awards and music festivals including Good Vibrations, V Festival, Future Musical Festival and Parklife, has collapsed leaving creditors $6 million in the red.

The business was founded in 1998 and turned over more than $11 million last year with the company’s (now defunct) website boasting that “with over 30 years experience worldwide and a client list that includes leading players in the music and entertainment industry, ES Group is a major force in the provision of staging and event services.”

However SmartCompany reports that fifteen staff have now been let go and the two staff remaining on the payroll are owed $195,000. Administrator Giles Woodgate of Woodgate & Co has told SmartCompany that businesses’ failure “appears to be fundamentally bad management, poor cost control, excessive wages and salaries… for the level of activity and for the way it was project orientated, the ES Group was undercapitalised.”

Major creditors affected by the collapse are scaffolding business 4ken, Crew on Call, Melrose Cranes, Mojo Barriers, Packard Trading, Butlers Events, the Australian Tax Office and Opera Australia. The ES Group has ceased operating and at the creditors’ meeting on next week a deed of company arrangement will be put forward that offers creditors just 16 cents in the dollar.

Photo of the Good Vibes stage by TheEnglishGentleman

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batdan said on the 22nd Jun, 2012

I wonder how this affects upcoming festivals?


krudboy said on the 22nd Jun, 2012

staging... collapse....


Braveheart81 said on the 22nd Jun, 2012

In the wake of the Radiohead stage collapse, when you're talking about a staging company buisness failing, maybe 'goes under' or 'goes bust' would have been more appropriate.


Piko said on the 22nd Jun, 2012

Why would an editor/writer miss the opportunity to use a solid double entendre such as that in the title? Though that being said, perhaps another one like "disassembelled" may have been more polite considering the recent circumstances but nowhere near as apt.


Braveheart81 said on the 22nd Jun, 2012

If you'd really wanted to ramp up the inappropriateness/punniness, "Creditors crushed after major Australian staging company collapses" would have been pretty good.


Thehod said on the 22nd Jun, 2012

for those worrying about it effecting upcoming festivals........dont, there are other staging suppliers.


berlinchair101 said on the 22nd Jun, 2012

Oh thank god, I"m relieved.


Oflick said on the 22nd Jun, 2012

Why not just blatantly say it:

Staging company collapses and creditors crushed like a Radiohead drum tech.


Braveheart81 said on the 22nd Jun, 2012

The Radiohead drum tech was owed money by this staging company? That's the first I've heard about it.


Oflick said on the 22nd Jun, 2012

Yes, it's an Oflick exclusive.

Sorry, but I've now got it in my mind that when you joined almost three years ago, you said to yourself "I'm not going to post now, but one day a staging company is going to go under. Other forum members will express concern about the future of festivals, and when that happens I'll be here to reassure them that other companies exist!"


Zig1 said on the 22nd Jun, 2012

what do you think? post your comment...