Image for New tunes: The Laurels, Money For Rope, Snakadaktal

New tunes: The Laurels, MoneyFor Rope, Snakadaktal

Three very talented bands have coughed up new tunes for us to wrap our ears around this week. Have a listen to some fresh music from The Laurels, Money For Rope and Snakadaktal.

The Laurels – Changing The Timeline

Sydney’s psychedelic wanderers The Laurels have this week offered up Changing The Timeline, the latest single from their long awaited debut album Plains. Coming in at a conservative two minutes and fifty two seconds the band shows off a super tight, dollop of shoe-gaze power pop – mellow guitars, and tight rhythms make this the closest thing The Laurels have come to producing a ‘pop single.’

You can catch The Laurels showing off all the tunes from Plains at the Rice Is Nice showcase on Sunday July 1st at The Annandale, where they’ll be playing with label mates Straight Arrows, SPOD, Donny Benét, Richard In Your Mind and Shady Lane.

Snakadaktal – Dance Bear

Snakadaktal are determined to prove that they are more than just indie-pop kids and the decidedly serious sounding Dance Bear, taken from their forthcoming debut album, sets about doing just that. Opening with a trip-hop inspired beat and elongated guitar lines the new tune builds slowly and lushly until breaking into more familiar Snaka territory for a sweeping indie chorus. Produced by Malcolm Besley the song is available today via itunes.

Money For Rope – Misery Lane

Melbourne dual-drumming rockers Money For Rope show off their love of blues stompers with new tune Misery Lane. The second single taken from their forthcoming debut album, Misery Lane stomps along with soulful keys and howling vocals before hurtling off into a schizophrenic break down at the song’s conclusion, which will no doubt make it a highlight of the band’s live set.

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daverh said on the 13th Jun, 2012

New Money For Rope is great, gotta love the disarming swears. Them, Kingswood and Damn Terran on the one tour will be tops.


sarahanne said on the 13th Jun, 2012

Yeah they've def stepped it up a notch. I like a lot more than their earlier stuff, which was a bit more standard blues rock. Kingswood I can take or leave though.


berlinchair101 said on the 13th Jun, 2012

Money for rope are great.

Such a cracking band name too.


Quicky said on the 13th Jun, 2012

Snakadaktal played their new song, Dance Bear live the other night for their support set with the Jezabels. Pretty awesome song and they played a really good set. I would love to see them live again soon.


ashryn said on the 14th Jun, 2012

Laurels have a touch of the Bauhaus about them.. dig