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Image for Prince Melbourne afterparty rumours heat up

Prince Melbourne afterpartyrumours heat up

Update: 30th May

According to Prince’s private chef and DJ his band won’t be performing at The Hi-Fi show:

Update 5.30pm (15/5/12)

Update 10.30am (15/5/12)

Update 9:00pm: Nui says that the Prince afterparty has been ‘cancelled’:

Update 8:00pm: Nui has just confirmed the show:

Rumours are swirling that The Purple One will announce a Melbourne after-party, much like Sydney’s star-studded affair at the Ivy on Saturday night.

Music reporter Nui Te Koha and his Herald Sun co-worker Cameron Adams have both tweeted that there will be a show – but further details have not yet been revealed.

When Prince was last here in 2003 he played for three-hours at Bennett’s Lane, however, the official Prince forums are rumouring The Palace (formerly Metro), Prince of Wales, Bennett’s Lane, Alumbra and The HiFi Bar as potential secret gig venues for a midnight jam session on Tuesday or Wednesday.

On Saturday night Sydney was treated to a three-hour power jam from Prince and his backing band. One lucky FasterLouder member, who was front and centre when the clock struck purple, had this to say about the afterparty.

Prince Sydney secret gig wrap

DJ Rashida warmed up the crowd playing a mix of Prince classics and other ‘80s jams. As a soundcheck of sorts, the band jammed for a while, while Prince tested the crowd’s devotion occasionally speaking into the mic from side of stage, yet remaining out of sight.

The Purple One sauntered on and off stage occasionally playing some keys or the bass before wandering off again. The crowd was kept in the groove while his embarrassingly talented back up singers sang a few tracks, including a cover of Janet Jacskon’s What Have You Done For Me Lately.

Eventually Prince gave in and took to the mic to play Partyman from the Batman soundtrack, and the crowd well and truly lost their collective shit. He went on to play jams from the Emancipation and Lotusflower albums.

After going off for a small break, Prince came back to the stage, instructed his drummer to play a certain beat then picked up the bass and started noodling. Moments later he declared ‘It’s time to fight the power!’ which was the cue for Public Enemy’s Flava Flav to arrive onstage and bust out a rendition of 911 while the band, replete with Prince on bass jammed out.

Not long after the crowd had recovered from Flav, Prince picked up guitar and a voice off-stage started singing Sign Of The Times. It was Seal. He then appeared and finished the jam with Alphabet Street and The Ballad of Dorothy Parker.

This was all just a warm up to the best part of the night – I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man, another track from the Sign Of The Times masterpiece and a version of She’s Always in My Hair a B-side to the Paisley Park single, rarely played at live shows, which concluded with an epic 5 minute guitar solo.

Footage of the main attraction in Sydney


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sarcasm_mister said on the 14th May, 2012

Adam Lewis tweets : Melbourne pals: Prince after show is at Club 23 at Crown. Prince on stage at 1am.

People who have called the club have been told it's a private function with no tickets going on sale.


Alexphotosite said on the 14th May, 2012

And here's my video of 'She's Always In My Hair' complete with intro from Seal singing a loose version of 'Kiss From a Rose' - http://youtu.be/QHuTHxxHr9E I hope Melbs gets an official afterparty for fans coz Sydney's Aftershow Jam was incredible!


sarcasm_mister said on the 14th May, 2012

well that was short lived haha.

but i've been loving this tour vicariously. really enjoying the hype not only around his arena shows but the prospect of these middle of the night intimate gigs.

take notes Radiohead!! this is how you fucking rock n roll!

to which Thom will respond:



grattan said on the 14th May, 2012

Ah Nui - you done it again!

Brilliant trolling from M+N:



grattan said on the 15th May, 2012

Nui still trying throwing out guesses!


deanoss said on the 15th May, 2012

so... is there gonna be one of these bad boys tonight?


sarcasm_mister said on the 15th May, 2012

after party show at Nui's?


Braveheart81 said on the 15th May, 2012

Prince and the Nui Power Generation


oldgregg said on the 15th May, 2012


has oldgregg finally found something newsworthy? or is he literally not playing there? seems strange to just put that there.


sarcasm_mister said on the 15th May, 2012

i would say they're just going along with the joke like M+N above.


deanoss said on the 15th May, 2012

Someone else mentioned Palace too... Or that just up because of the rumours...


geoffiez89 said on the 15th May, 2012

http://palace.com.au/ confirms no prince show there tonight :(


grattan said on the 15th May, 2012

Curtin house update about buying purple light globes... Suspicious!


grattan said on the 16th May, 2012



grattan said on the 16th May, 2012

Super harsh but Prince fans are full on and don't like being messed with.


berlinchair101 said on the 16th May, 2012

Why is Guy Sebastian in there?


oldgregg said on the 16th May, 2012

I like nui, he's a really nice guy.


grattan said on the 16th May, 2012

Trying to find logic on a tumblr hate page might not be a wise idea.


grattan said on the 17th May, 2012

Nui again - "Unconfirmed reports Prince will get on stage with Public Enemy at the Esplanade Hotel tonight. The show is sold out."

The man just never gives up!


grattan said on the 18th May, 2012


In 1992, John Blackwell Jnr. studied at Berklee College of Music (USA) and then landed the drum chair with legendary funk group, Cameo. In 1988, Blackwell moved to LA and played on Patti LaBelle’s Grammy winning recording: “Live! One Night Only”. In ‘99, John met Prince and Sly & the Family Stone’s bassist, Larry Graham, at a Patti Labelle concert. Blackwell then began to travel to Minneapolis, on a regular basis, to jam with Prince. In 2000, John performed in Japan with teen pop sensation, Utada Hikaru and officially joined Prince and the New Power Generation later that year. John’s grooves can be heard on Prince’s The Rainbow Children, N.E.W.S. and the certified double-platinum album, Musicology. He has graced the cover of numerous publications including Rhythm (UK) and Modern Drummer (USA), and has performed at every major worldwide drum festival. Currently on Prince’s W2 Australia tour, John continues to be the spectacular and funkified force behind Prince’s NPG. Blackwell must be seen to be believed. Xperience the new generation!

Date: Monday 28 May, 2012 @ 7pm
Venue: Allans Billy Hyde 152 Bourke St Melbourne VIC
Tix: $20. Book in store* or online. Strictly limited seating


grattan said on the 18th May, 2012

Herald Sun clowns still throwing up guesses:

PRINCE is understood to be planning the mother of all after-parties in Melbourne for May 30, after again scrapping plans for a secret city gig on Tuesday night.

Rumours were flying thick and fast at the Purple One's sold-out Rod Laver concert, with The HiFi Bar, Bennett's Lane and Crown again thought to be the frontrunners for the after-party.

But after three hours of hits, including guest appearances from pals Chuck D and Flava Flav and four encores, Prince returned to his hotel for a low-key evening instead.


grattan said on the 30th May, 2012



sarcasm_mister said on the 30th May, 2012

unless he does something truly extraordinary tonight i can't imagine anything topping the Bennett's Lane gig.


grattan said on the 30th May, 2012

Apparently he didn't play a thing. Plenty of hate on the Facebooks!


Braveheart81 said on the 30th May, 2012

That's probably why it was $25 when other after parties were $100.

Should have been a bit of a giveaway.


deanoss said on the 30th May, 2012

I read a punter grabbed him around the head as he was walking through the crowd, so he got shitted off and left


oldgregg said on the 31st May, 2012

one time he met john stamos on a plane, he told him he was pretty.


grattan said on the 31st May, 2012


From Mess+Noise:
Reports that Prince had left the building began trickling through at 4.35am, after which the stage lights were switched off and the gear dismantled. No official reasons were given for the singer’s dramatic u-turn, but Robertson believes an incident in the crowd was to blame.
“As Prince and co. made their way through the crowd, some bright dude thought it'd be wise to grab Prince on the head and ruffle his hair,” she said. “It was unclear, but whatever he did, it pissed off the ‘purple one’ enough that he went home.”


grattan said on the 31st May, 2012

Herald Sun report:

POLICE helped escort music legend Prince to Melbourne's The Hi-Fi bar this morning as he attended his farewell after-party.

Mad fans waited in line for four hours to catch a glimpse of the pop icon.

Despite the wait in the cold, many did not make it inside the The Hi-Fi bar and only saw the man-of-moment from the street as he made his way into the venue.

“Did not get into the Prince after party, despite the 4 hour wait in the line. Did, however, catch a watch him run from the car to the hifi,” one fan tweeted.

But some were not impressed with Prince’s short visit to the nightspot where he did not perform.

“Back home after a long wait in the cold for nothing really except Prince skimping through to the hifi,” another punter tweeted.

Listen: Prince answers prank call

Prince arrived at 3am with Victoria Police officers escorting the singer into the venue.

A partygoer who attended the gig said Prince came down from the mezzanine level, walked through the crowd and was dancing on the elevated area for about 10 minutes.

Prince left after being hassled by the crowd but Hi-Fi was still full at 4.45am.

Hundreds of people had queued up outside the Swanston St venue and snaked down Collins St for the chance to be at the hottest party in town.

Ticket-holders eagerly dished out the $25 entry fee to the inner-city venue and most were optimistic their beloved purple-clad pop icon would make a special appearance.

Sydney’s Ally Lee, 29 has spent the last few weeks chasing the Purple One around the country, catching both his Brisbane shows and three in Sydney as well as last night’s second Melbourne gig.

“I’m truly blessed that he’s around in my era. We’re all so lucky to be on the planet at the same time as someone like him,” she said while lining up along Collins St.

“The first time I heard Purple Rain, I was hooked.

Review: Prince of song and star of stage plays Melbourne

“I’ve been in the Purple Circle three times. At one gig he actually looked at me and when he saw me he did this crazy hand gesture. I couldn’t believe it.”

But she said the multiple trips had paid off.

“I met my now husband at one show; it ended up being like our first date,” she said.

Fan Luna Aquatica, 25, said she missed out on tickets to Prince’s Melbourne concerts, but she was braving the cold because she believed the singer would still rock up and please the people.

“I’m a huge fan…I love (songs) Erotic City, If I Was Your Girlfriend, Cream.

“I want to see him because he’s simply the best. He’s stylish, he’s fabulous and he’s still got it.”

The notoriously private singer treated an intimate crowd to a secret gig at Bennett's Lane on Tuesday morning with the party not slowing down until after 4.30am.