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Arcade Fire ruled out forHarvest festival

Harvest festival boss AJ Maddah has confirmed on his overactive Twitter feed that Arcade Fire won’t be playing at Harvest festival this year.

The festival will return to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane from 10th-18th November 2012 and although Maddah has confirmed that the Brisbane show will again be held at the Riverstage, he hasn’t yet commented on the locations for the Sydney and Melbourne events.

Maddah’s recent Twitter comments have included his thoughts on the joys of inflight internet connections, the crush he had on Belinda Carlisle when he was 13, and the undeniable terribleness of The Big Bang Theory but he has also offered a few very early hints about the bands he’s working with for Soundwave 2013 (or other upcoming tours) and even a couple of comments about Harvest festival.

Maddah has answered questions from his followers confirming that Sharks, Tigers Jaw, and Orbital (who are touring this week for Harvest touring anyway! ) won’t be at Harvest 2012. He also revealed that Arcade Fire will “Sadly not [be appearing at the festival]. We did try our darnest though :(“

Maddah had also posted comments on Twitter in the lead up to recent Soundwave (and Soundwave Revolution) tours denying that he had booked bands including Iron Maiden, System of A Down and Van Halen for those events there’s always a chance that he could be messing with us again, but sadly looks like the epic wait for an Arcade Fire tour continues and we might all just have to head along to see Delta Goodrem to hear any live tunes from the Grammy conquering Canadians.

Updates: Maddah has also denied the rumours that My Bloody Valentine, Foals, Hot Chip, Grimes, The XX, The Decemberists, Of Monsters and Men and Sleigh Bells could be on the lineup:

The Harvest festival lineup is expected to be released later this month and already there are strong rumours that the bill could include Sigur Ros and Ben Kweller.

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grattan said on the 17th May, 2012

The Decemberists ruled out as well. :(


grattan said on the 21st May, 2012

Rufus Wainwright ruled out - on tour in the UK

And from AJ's twitter:
Hey AJ, any chance of Monsters of Folk/Bad Books/Right Away, Great Captain! for Harvest Festival this year?
No, but I am trying to convince Kev to tour Bad Books.

Are you leaning towards Soundwave or Harvest for @GogolBordello?
They weren't available for Harvest. I am now hoping for SW.


grattan said on the 4th Jun, 2012

No to Foals, The xx, Grimes, and Hot Chip. :(


Oflick said on the 4th Jun, 2012

Damn, I wanted to see Grimes.