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Sigur Ros confirmed to tourAustralia in 2012

Sigur Ros lead singer Jonsi has confirmed in an interview with triple j’s Zan Rowe that the band will be coming back to Australia in November to play live.

Sigur Ros guitar player, vocalist and principal songwriter Jonsi Birgisson has confirmed that the band is locked in to tour Australia later this year.

During an extensive interview with Drowned in Sound, Jonsi revealed that the band is set to play a “short North American tour and a few European dates as well as the festivals, then we’re off to Australia”. That could suggest that we’ll see the group hitting the stage at this year’s Harvest festival, however we’re not expecting a very extensive tour as Jonsi goes on to explain that they group will only be playing “about 30 shows this year”.

The Icelandic group haven’t toured Australia since an appearance at Splendour in the Grass back in 2008, although Jonsi did return to play songs from his solo debut Go at the festival two years ago.

Jonsi says that he hopes to tour with the band’s orchestral strings section “especially when we’re playing the new album [as] it will be difficult to translate those songs live without them.” The tour set list could also be quite different to what we heard on the band’s last visit, with Jonsi teasing that “there are some songs that we haven’t played for a long time that may reappear on this tour”.

That new record Valtari, the follow up 2008’s Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust, is set for release on 28th May and according to the band it’s a more “studio based” album than any of its predecessors.

Listen to the first taste of the album, the eight minute Ekki Múkk:

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neuroticwill said on the 3rd May, 2012

Well, this day just became fucking magnificent.


Braveheart81 said on the 3rd May, 2012

I'd definitely be keen to see them again.


cozza147 said on the 3rd May, 2012

Ahh bloody hell. This almost guarantees not Perth Show :(. Will defintely travel to see them though


01seb said on the 3rd May, 2012

No worries Grattan ;)

Would be pretty keen to see them headline Harvest!


grattan said on the 3rd May, 2012

No worries Grattan ;)

Would be pretty keen to see them headline Harvest!

1000 points to you for the pick up!


humanracin said on the 3rd May, 2012

Would be very happy to see these guys play Harvest.


rionyb said on the 3rd May, 2012

i am so happy right now! brb i'm going heel clicking down the hallway.

Stefan Beck

Stefan Beck said on the 3rd May, 2012

"Sigur Ros confirmed to play Sydney and Melbourne in 2012".


Quicky said on the 3rd May, 2012

Looking foward to seeing these guys :)


grattan said on the 22nd May, 2012

Update: Confirmed for November!

Harvest now all but certain.