Image for The reunited Beach Boys set to tour Australia

The reunited Beach Boys set totour Australia

The Beach Boy’s 50th anniversary tour will be coming to Australia. Although the tour dates haven’t been announced but press release from Capitol Records hyping the band’s first new album since since 1996’s country-misadventure Stars and Stripes Vol. 1 has revealed that “details of an Australia, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong tour [will] be announced soon!”.

The remaining members of The Beach Boys – Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and David Marksregrouped in December last year and will release their 29th studio album in June. Songs on the new record include the lead single _ That’s Why God Made The Radio_, Think About The Days, Isn’t It Time, Spring Vacation, Private Life Of Bill And Sue, Shelter, Daybreak Over The Ocean, Beaches In Mind, Strange World, My Life Suite, and Summer’s Gone.

Brian Wilson has been a bi-annual visitor in recent years touring the Smile album in 2004, returning with his teleprompter for Splendour in 2006, the Sydney Festival in 2008 and a run of shows in November 2010. And the version of The Beach Boys that was just Mike Love and Bruce Johnston with a handful of ring-ins also toured Australia recently playing shows in 2007 and returning for a headline gig at the Gold Coast 600 V8 Supercar races in 2010 with a set that was met with a tirade of lip-sync accusations.

With the full gang back together for their 50th anniversary celebrations this tour is certain to be something special.

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monokhrome_nite said on the 26th Apr, 2012

Paging Cr1zZ for another international band snubbing New Zealand on their Australian tour


Cr1zZ said on the 26th Apr, 2012

Page received.

Not a huge Beach Boys fan but I'd probably go if it came here. Which it won't.

Stefan Beck

Stefan Beck said on the 26th Apr, 2012

Pet Sounds ain't got nothin' on Toys In The Attic.


Quicky said on the 26th Apr, 2012

I'll head along probably. Would be awesome!


LiveForever94 said on the 26th Apr, 2012

and no album ever has anything on morning glory


hearsz said on the 27th Apr, 2012

Replace "Morning Glory" with "Definitely Maybe" and I'll agree with you!!


MorningAfterboy said on the 27th Apr, 2012

Absolutely. Except not. At all. Even in the slightest.


grattan said on the 1st Aug, 2012

Shout out to all the Beach Boys fans in Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

For a limited time of 89 hours, get access to Gold and Silver tickets for only $89*!! Don't miss this opportunity to see this legendary band.

So selling real well...


mr_boysys said on the 1st Aug, 2012

the perth show was selling all ticket types incliding diamond 2 for 1 on the weekend.


MorningAfterboy said on the 1st Aug, 2012

Hope they do the same for Sydney soon.


MorningAfterboy said on the 10th Aug, 2012

Whole tour now with 89 dollar gold seats.


sarcasm_mister said on the 29th Aug, 2012

just watching some Becker and there was a scene where he was offered tickets to see the Beach Boys and he replied "when the ramp to your stage isn't for the equipment it's time to give it up"

thought i would share that.


59sound said on the 29th Aug, 2012

looking forward to this despite dennis being my favourite beach boy. the bootlegs around suggest that i wont be disappointed.