Image for Perth Big Day Out aims to return to Claremont despite being "not welcome"

Perth Big Day Out aims toreturn to Claremont despitebeing "not welcome"

Despite lower than expected attendance figures in Perth this year and being told by the mayor they are “not welcome” the Big Day Out aims to return the Claremont Showground in 2013, with Royal Agricultural Society chief executive Martin Molony telling “The Big Day Out will come back here.”

Promoters shifted the festival’s site to McCallum Park this year, labelling the negotiations with the Claremont council “difficult and protracted”. The down-sizing received a mixed reaction from fans, with the FL reviewer noting that sound bleed was an issue but that, “Where once a half-day trek across a showground along with tens of thousands of people was required to access various stages, the McCallum Park venue had all major stages within a mere hop, skip and jump.”

Despite Malony’s comments the Mayor of Claremont, Jock Barker, does not want the event to return, telling the local paper that “The Big Day Out is not welcome and I don’t want to see it back in Claremont. I was happy to see the back of it. It does nothing useful for the town.” Claremont councillor Peter Browne is also vehemently opposed to the return and wants to ensure that BDO and similar concerts are banned at the showground. Browne says that he “accepts that the young and not-so-young need somewhere to go but Claremont is shouldering more than its share… the benefits of such concerts are hopelessly outweighed by the intolerable noise, the late finish, the high level of criminal activity and general social misbehaviour in and outside of the grounds.”

With a capacity of up to 40,000 a move back to Claremont would suggest that the Big Day Out’s local promoter Chris Knight expects next year’s event to bounce-back from this years dramatically lowered attendance figure of 12,000.

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SharpShooter said on the 19th Mar, 2012

The council need to shut up sometimes. They should have thought about building a sports venue/function space/exhibition space in the town if they didn't want any of the above mentioned stuff happening. Whether a sports event, social event or a festival is happening at Claremont it is regardless because people will often get into a brawl based on mentality not because of a specific event. Alcohol is also not fully to blame because I believe that people still have a small sense of control when intoxicated. Maybe they should just keep people away all together then.


clements95 said on the 19th Mar, 2012


Festivals would probably be heaps better without the people


krudboy said on the 20th Mar, 2012

now this just may be a generalisation, but, what a surprise that a dude named jock doesnt like rock music festivals.


ashryn said on the 20th Mar, 2012

There's plenty of other giant grounds around they could hold BDO at - Claremont can just hold craft parties and pie comps at the showgrounds for the nannas.


grattan said on the 20th Mar, 2012


scottyk82 said on the 20th Mar, 2012

Maybe Mr Mayor don't like Kanye or other shit BDO insists on dragging out here? Good fuckin on him


SharpShooter said on the 21st Mar, 2012

I'd like to see how sustainable the showgrounds are without festivals in Summer because I don't doubt that they charge excessively for usage.


polite_society said on the 23rd Mar, 2012

I don't see what they are complaining about, the council rakes in the dollars every time one of those events is on. I bet they wont put up too much of a fuss, while complaining about it at the time to keep the votes coming. "we had no choice but to take their money! *sadface*"


leakeg said on the 23rd Mar, 2012

we need a meme for this...
Buys house near venue.
(moron face)
Complains about noise.