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New Something For Kate albumnext year

Paul Dempsey has revealed that a new Something For Kate record is finally underway and set for release in 2012.

Dempsey confirmed details of the band’s long awaited sixth album in an interview to mark the forthcoming They Will Have Their Way shows, at which he will perform next month. Speaking with FasterLouder from New York, Dempsey said he has been doing lots of writing for the SFK record and revealed that when he does return to our shores in November he’ll join Stephanie Ashworth and Clint Hyndman to “hash it out.”

Dempsey made it clear the band didn’t want to force what will be their first record together since 2006’s Desert Lights, so while they are hoping it will be ready to go next year there is no clear release schedule at this stage.

Dempsey also revealed that for the first time in their career the band is looking to produce the new LP themselves, a distinctly different approach to their last record which they made in LA with high profile nob-twiddler Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins/Ben Lee): “At this stage, we’re looking to produce it ourselves. We’ve pretty much got all the equipment we need now, and producing is something I’ve always been interested in. I’ve had enough experience now, doing production, that I’m confident in our ability to get it through that process. Then, once it’s ready, we’ll take it to someone who knows how to mix, and make a better mix.”

Stay tuned to FL for the full interview with Paul Dempsey later this week.

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Scooter mcgavin

Scooter mcgavin said on the 11th Oct, 2011

seeing Paul at the Corner soon, wonder if he will have anything new to preview


gumbuoy said on the 11th Oct, 2011

the promo for this tour has said that he'll be previewing new SFK material.

Scooter mcgavin

Scooter mcgavin said on the 11th Oct, 2011

I thought I read that somewhere, cheers :)


gumbuoy said on the 24th May, 2012

Can't believe this was over 6 months ago, feels like it was last week.

Anyway, SFK have confirmed they are heading to Texas to record their new album.

We are very excited to announce that Something for Kate will travel to Dallas, Texas to record their brand new album with U.S producer John Congleton. ( Explosions in the Sky, The Walkmen, St Vincent, Okkervil River ) The album, which is yet to be titled, is expected to be released later in the year.
The band will be blogging from the the studio on, posting snippets of what they're working on plus posting photos on their instagram account and generally keeping you up to date with progress on the album."

And my fave photo from their Instagram, Stephanie stepping up to Paul's mic.

Scooter mcgavin

Scooter mcgavin said on the 24th May, 2012

Good producer, hopes are high


grattan said on the 22nd Jul, 2012

Having spent the past few months recording the new studio album in the sweltering Texas summer, the band are excited to officially announce ‘Leave Your Soul To Science’ for release on Capitol/EMI Music Australia Friday September 28.

Paul Dempsey and band mates Stephanie Ashworth and Clint Hyndman have teamed up with producer John Congleton (Explosions in the Sky, St. Vincent, Okkervil River) in Dallas to record the follow up album to 2006’s No.1 ARIA album ‘Desert Lights’.

As the title suggests, ‘Leave Your Soul To Science’ reflects an album that is both brimming with Dempsey’s wry and obtuse lyrical examinations and also a renewed sense of sonic exploration.

Paul Dempsey explains the album’s direction, “It’s definitely the most sonically interesting record we’ve ever made. There’s some really savage, fuzz bass sounds on there. On the one hand, it feels like the most organic record we’ve ever made, because it’s all happened so naturally and quickly. We haven’t over-thought anything.”


gumbuoy said on the 23rd Jul, 2012

So Excited. Cancel All Of The Things.

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer said on the 24th Jul, 2012

Great news.

No, fucken shit-hot awesome news more like it.