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Wiggles tribute albumfeaturing Aussie bands

Following on from triple j’s tribute to Nick Cave and 2009’s White Album concert tour, twenty-one of Australia’s finest musicians have banded together to pay their respects to four of this country’s most celebrated songwriters – Murray, Jeff, Anthony and Sam nee Greg.

In honour of all cars big and red, all potatoes hot and all dogs named Wags, The Living End, Adalita, Spiderbait and Frenzal Rhomb, have teamed up to cover the best tunes from The Wiggles twenty year career. In a move that will surely rival the re-release of Nevermind this month, ABC Music has put together Rewiggled: A Tribute To The Wiggles replete with some pretty awesome Pink Floyd-esq album artwork.

The full tracklisting for Rewiggled (bets on Washington’s reworking of The Monkey Dance appearing in next year’s Hottest 100!):

The Living End – Hot Potato
Washington – The Monkey Dance
Jebediah – Getting Strong!
Sarah Blasko – I Love It When It Rains
Architecture In Helsinki – Wiggly Party
Spiderbait – Rock-A-Bye Your Bear
Bluejuice – Wake Up Jeff!
Frenzal Rhomb – Captain’s Magic Buttons
Clare Bowditch – Georgia’s Song
The Snowdroppers – Wags The Dog
Busby Marou – Dressing Up
Adalita – Get Ready To Wiggle
Papa VS Pretty – Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?)
The Audreys – Cowboys And Cowgirls
Dead Letter Chorus – Wiggle Bay
Oh Mercy – Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car
Angie Hart – Our Boat Is Rocking On The Sea
Sons Of Rico – Shaky Shaky
Steve Lane And The Autocrats – Fruit Salad
Paul Greene – Henry’s Spinning
Sampology – The Wiggles Mash-up / Remix

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crob said on the 29th Sep, 2011

this could be pretty awesome


hellboy1975 said on the 29th Sep, 2011

This could be album of the year

Scooter mcgavin

Scooter mcgavin said on the 29th Sep, 2011

could be? is definately pretty awesome!


TIm D said on the 29th Sep, 2011

So unexpected, but so good.


daveyac8881 said on the 29th Sep, 2011

This sounds like a rape of my childhood


crob said on the 29th Sep, 2011


bucketboy63 said on the 29th Sep, 2011

Only Bluejuice could do Wake Up Jeff.


Hinee said on the 30th Sep, 2011

I'm seriously down for this. Now I just want to see the wiggles perform some of these interpretations


ThatDude123 said on the 30th Sep, 2011

I want to see the follow up ReWiggled tour.

I'm still hoping the Wiggles make the second BDO announcement. 2pm mainstage CIRCLE PIT TO BIG RED CAR!!!!!!!!


batdan said on the 1st Oct, 2011

You obviously don't have kids. Worst idea ever.

Yo Gabba Gabba > (original) Hi5 > Wiggles


Bloobeard said on the 3rd Nov, 2011

the dog is wags, not wag. sack your researcher


berlinchair101 said on the 3rd Nov, 2011

Too right mate, draw and quarter him!


Braveheart81 said on the 3rd Nov, 2011

I love it that this guy registered just to post that.


berlinchair101 said on the 3rd Nov, 2011

I feel he has made an important and vital contribution to this forum.


grattan said on the 4th Nov, 2011