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The Standard to re-open inSydney

Sydney’s live music scene has taken a hit this year with the closure of venues like The Forum, The Excelsior, The Raval and most recently, Tone being forced to shut its doors due to financial strains, but after a wave of closures, here’s some good news Sydney’s live music scene.

Next month the third floor of Kinselas Bar in Taylor’s Square, which once upon a time hosted huge names including the Beastie Boys, The Lemonheads and Public Enemy, will reopen as The Standard

The Standard will apparently host “an eclectic mix of live music, theatre in the round, aerial performances, comedy, burlesque and art exhibitions” and will be launched with a series of live shows featuring Neil Finn’s Pajama Club, Bluejuice and Custard’s first gig in Sydney since 1999.

The Standard launch gigs:

Tuesday 13 September – Pajama Club (industry launch – win tickets)
Thursday 15th September – Bluejuice (official public launch)
Saturday 17 September – Official Changing Lanes After-Party
Friday 23rd September – Custard

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MorningAfterboy said on the 29th Aug, 2011

I'm sold. All three of these gigs look awesome.


ThatDude123 said on the 29th Aug, 2011

*waits patiently by computer for chance to win Pajama Club tickets*


crob said on the 29th Aug, 2011

for some reason whenever i see Pajama Club all i can think is ↓


ThatDude123 said on the 29th Aug, 2011

Neil Finn doing a cover of that show's theme. Let's make it happen.


MorningAfterboy said on the 29th Aug, 2011

Hey now, heyyy nowwww
We're coming downnn the stairssss


Finngirl said on the 29th Aug, 2011

at work all this week so no hope of winning pajama club tix :0( good luck everyone


Piko said on the 30th Aug, 2011

Whoa Custard?? Really??? Might have to make an appearence for that


grattan said on the 31st Aug, 2011

4 shows now - also hosting the Changing Lanes after party with Pluto Jonze, Myth And Tropics plus DJS Alice In Wonderland, Joy Ride and F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Fake Plastic Android

Fake Plastic Android said on the 31st Aug, 2011

Do you know a ticket to Changing Lanes get you into the after party?


MorningAfterboy said on the 31st Aug, 2011

Nice! Love Pluto and M&T. Joyride is an awesome dude and a great DJ, and I met Alison at the Sosueme birthday night. Her set with the Sosueme DJs was really fun.


grattan said on the 16th Sep, 2011

First Custard show sold out. Second show added on the Saturday night


Piko said on the 20th Sep, 2011

Anyone get Friday Custard tickets that would prefer Saturday? I can't make Saturday and want Friday but its sold out. Anyone?


theredwatch said on the 18th Aug, 2012

i just saw children collide at the standard. an amazing gig apart from the security. as soon as the singer announced that they had two songs to go, i saw the security come together, point at a guy dancing, and then proceed to drag him out. this guy was literally dancing and did nothing wrong!!!!!! great to see the boys from the band quickly jump into the crowd to try and stop the security from doing the same to fellow punters!!!! an absolute disgraceful end to an amazing gig!!!