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Pulp set report - On TheBright Side Festival

Clammy alabaster skin, thick-rimmed glasses and awkward sexual advances: if these things get you excited, then chances are you were front and centre to watch Jarvis Cocker at his pelvic-thrusting best as he returned with Pulp to headline this year’s On The Bright Side festival.

Having disbanded in 2003 and with a gaping thirteen years since their last Perth visit, many fans had given up on ever seeing their brit-pop idols back in action. As a result there was more than just a whiff of expectation in the air as a huge crowd gathered on the Esplanade to see whether the second-coming had been worth the decade long wait.

Giant neon letters, which had been so tantalizing visible through translucent curtains, suddenly illuminated an impatient crowd as the stage’s veil dropped away and Pulp Mark II appeared, swinging straight into the well thought out opener Do You Remember the First Time. The band eased through a handful of favourites, including Something Changed and Disco 2000, before Jarvis cranked up the charm. Cocker spoke fondly of his last visit to Perth in Christmas of 1998 and as the evening progressed continued to litter intermissions with anecdotes about time spent in the West, including a rambling tale about a trip to Rottnest Island which had triggered his irrational fear of Quokkas.

Always the showman (and never one to be upstaged) Jarvis and his bandmates set about outshining The Hives’ typically flamboyant set that had preceded them. As they belted out hits, the ever agile Cocker embellished the show with his own special brand of dancing – gyrating and thrusting his way around the stage and, it must be said, into the hearts of each and every member of the crowd. With Russell, Candida, Mark, Steve and Nick all visibly enjoying themselves Jarvis culminated his stage antics by clambering onto a speaker stack to belt out This is Hardcore.

The night was predictably, and joyously, concluded with Common People, which saw Modest Mouse’s Tom Peloso providing violin accompaniment and the crowd simultaneously combusting with pleasure as they say along.

Pulp’s On The Bright Side Set List:

Do You Remember The First Time
Something Changed
Disco 2000
Sorted for E’s and Wizz
I Spy
This is Hardcore
Bar Italia
Common People

Stay tuned to FL for the full On The Bright Side review covering The Kills, Modest Mouse, The Grates and more.

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cutcopy said on the 24th Jul, 2011

dont ever go away again!

Stefan Beck

Stefan Beck said on the 24th Jul, 2011

The song title is This Is Hardcore,not Hardcore.

And no mention of the laser writing through the screen?


sarahanne said on the 24th Jul, 2011

My bad Stefan I think I edited out a line about the laser by accident


Stuo said on the 24th Jul, 2011

Yeah they put on a good show. No mention of his request that the crowd should be stripped down to their underwear lol!


cutcopy said on the 24th Jul, 2011

i think everyone in the front row was impregnated - how long did he f**k those stage monitors for....fabulous.


Quicky said on the 24th Jul, 2011

Wow. I'm quite impressed by JC. Different Class is a good album. Its still growing on me though


raciroo said on the 24th Jul, 2011

Love the clip!!! They looked awesome I'm sad I missed out :(


MilkySheep said on the 25th Jul, 2011

Great day, loved every minute of Modest Mouse. Foster the People took me by surprise. The Hives were awesome as always. I like James Blake on record, but he was absolutely terrible live... probably one of the worst I've ever seen. Warpaint were good but short. The Kills are always enjoyable. All-in-all I had a really good day :)


Faris said on the 25th Jul, 2011

I'm glad you told me this. I was umming and aahhing over wether to check him out at splendour, now I'll just go have a churro instead


MilkySheep said on the 25th Jul, 2011

He played with a band live and it took a bit away from the music. Most of the songs just didn't sound anywhere near as good as they do on the album.

I have a feeling it could have been the big festival stage though, he may be better in a more intimate venue where you get completely swallowed by the sound and atmosphere. It just didn't work in front of 10,000 people.


Phen said on the 25th Jul, 2011

Wish i hadnt overindulged and could remember this clearer....


MilkySheep said on the 25th Jul, 2011

Your avatar makes me lol :D

Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo said on the 25th Jul, 2011

everyone needs a bit more chang in their lives


MilkySheep said on the 25th Jul, 2011

I just call him Chang now, can't help it. He has officially been typecast.

"Chang got fucking owned in Transformers, yo"


offshoreram said on the 25th Jul, 2011

hey, thats my video clip!

i thought pulp and the hives were brilliant. also really enjoyed the kills and modest mouse. i would like to have seen more of warpaint. just a pity their set was cut short. i didn't think james blake was terrible. i just thought it was too intense especially playing between two bouncy pop bands.
all in all it was great day. it was worth standing at the front by the barrier for 11 hours. only smaller damper was a few drunken idiots who crushed in towards the end and seemed more intent on being heard than enjoying the music. there were a lot of girls down the front who also stood their for 11 hours and they were getting crushed by these morons. i just wish thse events would employ people who understand crowd control for security rather go for the obvious cheaper option.
as for jarvis, well i remember the first time. and i certainly will remember the last time, if it is the last time!


Piko said on the 26th Jul, 2011

Foster the People are great live, I keep telling people to check them out. As for Modest Mouse. I saw them last night at the Enmore and sadly it felt like they didn't want to be there, and this as usual effected the atmosphere of the show. Great music of course, just not a great vibe. A disappointment considering how much I like the band. Am glad I was not reviewing it.