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Abercrombie Hotel set toreopen

Sydney’s Abercrombie Hotel, the former home of Purple Sneakers, closed its doors in mid-January last year, but is set to reopen under new management in the next fortnight.

A report on MusicNSW reveals that “the exact plans for the hotel have not yet been confirmed, [but] the leaseholders have already hired a full time chef so we can assume there will be food! Party nights are also on the agenda with the leaseholders already in negotiations with local promoters.”

According to nightclub tsar/ Underbelly star John Ibrahim has “continued a push into the low-end pub market” by buying a share of the Abercrombie Hotel (and The Carrington Hotel) with long-time partner Greg Magree (the main stakeholder in The Piano Room and Trademark) as well as hoteliers James Miller and Jamie Wirth (from the Bang Gang DJs)

The News report reveals that “Both pubs re-open in the next fortnight after extensive refurbishment… It’s understood the Carrington Hotel, which re-opens next Thursday night, has a Spanish theme while the Abercrombie, to open a week later, will be a student venue.”

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berlinchair101 said on the 8th Jul, 2011

Is the beer garden still intact?


crob said on the 9th Jul, 2011

so another pub to stop at when I'm walking home... my liver isn't going to like this


frank_brincat said on the 10th Jul, 2011

pretty sure the beer garden is gone *sigh*


secondclassciti said on the 23rd Jul, 2011

I drove past there today and it seemed to be open, anyone been in yet?