Image for Faker lead singer victim of a homophobic attack in Tassie?

Faker lead singer victim of ahomophobic attack in Tassie?

Nathan Hudson has posted comment on Faker’s Facebook page to address the discrepancies between his version of events and the version offered by the hotel manager.
There are a number of discrepancies between my claim and the story offered on the website of the Hotel New York. This is not entirely unexpected, but I do have some aversion to making this event, which was quite painful to me, into a public dissection.

On this occasion I will manage to cope with having been assaulted, it’s happened to me before, on other occasions, in different circumstances. What I do have real trouble with, is the possibility that the fight against homophobia could be tempered by the reporting of an incident which may appear to be less substantial due to the involvement of alcohol. For this reason I’m choosing to bow out of further public comment on this incident. Thank you to all of the people who have sent through or given their support. Nathan

Faker lead singer Nathan Hudson claims he was the victim of a homophobic attack at a Tasmanian live music venue following the band’s concert there on Saturday night – but now the venue’s management has detailed a very different version of what happened.

After nearly two years out of the spotlight, the comeback trail was meant to be a glorious one for Faker, but Hudson says he was left wounded after the band performed a headlining show at the Hotel New York in Launceston.

On Sunday, Hudson tweeted that “My recollection of last night is that I got beat up by the manager” of the venue. “It felt homophobic and it felt backward,” he added. Less than an hour later, Hudson confirmed that his comment was “authentic… I’m kind of sore (bruise on my left cheekbone) so I’m gonna be quiet while I try and figure out what happened”.

Hudson has not posted anything further on Twitter since, but the singer has since recalled his story to the Sydney Star Observer, in which he recalls a link with the violence to his sexual orientation. “We signed a tour poster for the venue and I made a reference about celebrating equal marriage rights in New York, given the hotel name, which the manager was visibly unimpressed about,” Hudson told SSO yesterday.

Hudson claimed he was later taken out of the venue by a man who “king-hit” Hudson, saying to him that “you’ve been shitting me all night… It was plainly aggressive, but felt connected to a candidness about sexuality. As someone who has grown up being called ‘fag’ before I even knew what it meant, I’m hesitant to draw a parallel between aggression and homophobia, but that’s what I felt this to be”.

Reacting to the story this afternoon, the Hotel New York has posted a statement on its website denying that Hudson was the victim of a homophobic attack.

“We were very shocked to hear this statement from Mr Hudson as his recollection of events is somewhat different to what happened and what is recorded on our surveillance,” says the venue’s managing director James Harding.

“After Mr Hudson performed he disappeared from the venue for numerous hours and when he returned at 3:30am he showed signs of being extremely intoxicated. He was refused entry to the nightclub but told he could retire to his room on the premises. Mr Hudson initially agreed but then insisted on going back into the club. He was then escorted back out to the front of the premises where he was monitored by our crowd controllers.”

Under Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming legislation, it would have been an offence to allow Mr Hudson into a licensed area whilst showing signs of intoxication, points out Harding.

“After being picked up by car, Mr Hudson left again and when he returned at 5:50am he appeared to be even more intoxicated and insisted on being served even though the venue was closed,” he adds. “After getting into a verbal argument with the venue’s manager they pushed each other and Nathan fell over. Nathan was then helped back up and assisted by other staff members to his room. Earlier that night the venue’s manager had bought Mr Hudson and the rest of Faker dinner at our restaurant close by. At no stage of Mr Hudson’s time at Hotel New York was there mention of his sexuality.

“As the owner of a number of establishments that employees over 60 people, I hope you can appreciate our staff are from varied walks of life, and of differing sexual orientation. We pride ourselves on creating a culture amongst our staff that would not discriminate or hold prejudices against anyone.”

Harding concludes: “We are disappointed that Mr Hudson feels a homophobic attack took place as it clearly didn’t and we are currently in contact with Mr Hudson’s management to rectify this situation.”

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Hinee said on the 27th Jun, 2011

Definitely going on the venues side here. Douchebag thinks he's top shit because he's in a band, isn't allowed into the club while off his face, throws a punch and gets flattened for his troubles.


Quicky said on the 27th Jun, 2011

I think Nathan has his story mucked up badly. Couldn't care less to be honest.


dream_brother said on the 27th Jun, 2011

They probably thought he was just pretending to be gay.


MorningAfterboy said on the 27th Jun, 2011

Clearly, what with the whole going out of your way to post about it and everything. Definitely don't care at all.


tauiwi said on the 27th Jun, 2011

Tasmania gives it credibility


berlinchair101 said on the 27th Jun, 2011

To be honest the guy may have only just realised he was the singer from Faker.


crob said on the 27th Jun, 2011

To Be Honest, who hasn't wanted to hit the singer of Faker


Braveheart81 said on the 27th Jun, 2011

To clear their name, I hope the pub releases the CCTV footage of Nathan being the drunkest person alive.

It sounds like it would be hilarious.


therat said on the 27th Jun, 2011

Funny thing is that place use to be a gay bar.

Don't ask me how I know that, I just do.


crob said on the 27th Jun, 2011

Funny thing is that place use to be a gay bar.

Don't ask me how I know that, I just do.

OK ............... ;)


iknowthepiecesfit69 said on the 27th Jun, 2011

always goes to show there is two sides to every story. definitely going with the evidence of surveillance cameras and the fact that this sounds like something the singer from faker would claim ha.


berlinchair101 said on the 27th Jun, 2011

This sounds like something a Tool fan would say.

Assumptions are fun.


NichEast said on the 27th Jun, 2011

Ha! Nice comeback from the Hotel. Guy needs to get over himself.


squagz said on the 27th Jun, 2011

Hudson make any formal complaint to police? Seems strange to go public with it if he hasn't. Could become interesting if the pub decides their business has suffered because the tweet implied they're gay bashers.


oldgregg said on the 27th Jun, 2011

maybe he's going away to be alone?


rodismdotcom said on the 27th Jun, 2011

You know a band is in trouble when the record company insist a remix of the first single be released instead of what the band recorded in the studio...


sarcasm_mister said on the 29th Jun, 2011

maybe the guy just said his band was gay........


byclare said on the 29th Jun, 2011

i was at the faker gig in launceston- nathan was pretty trashed early on. i know they aren't known for being the best act live but they seemed alright guys. and i know for a fact business at the club won't suffer. it's the only one which hosts touring bands that we have. we don't have a choice of venues, heck we barely get any bands!


thegreyyy said on the 30th Jun, 2011

just because you are drunk doesn't give management the right to beat you up. and until the hotel releases the footage, their word on what the footage contains is worth nothing, of course they aren't going to admit any wrong doing.


oldgregg said on the 30th Jun, 2011

the lead singer of a band called faker is caught out lying, well fuck me.


HelloSailor said on the 30th Jun, 2011

Maybe the 'attack' will make his voice a little better?