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Soundwave Revolution line-uppostponed


Festival Promoter AJ Maddah has confirmed that the announcement of the hotly anticipated Soundwave Revolution line-up ( which was due to be revealed tomorrow ) has been postponed while the festival decides whether they will take the event to Perth.

As previously reported on FasterLouder, the change to the Queen’s Birthday public holiday in Western Australia has put the Perth Soundwave Revolution in doubt, with Maddah tweeting over the weekend: “I need to now decide whether to skip Perth altogether and instead do a regional East Coast date, etc. The WA Gov has (with 5 months notice) moved the Oct long weekend. Between the distance, thieving operators, incompetent /bar managers, etc, it is already an uphill battle to bring SW to Perth.”

However it’s not all bad news – to make up for the postponement Maddah tweeted this evening that he will: “announce 4 bands in the next 24 hours as a down-payment on main announcement!”

Stay tuned to FasterLouder for Soundwave Revolution updates as they come to hand.

Head here for the Soundwave Revolution tour dates and confirmed lineup so far.

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billo said on the 27th Apr, 2011

hoping for orange goblin, mastodon, electric wizard or the almighty sleep! one can only hope.


curiousj said on the 27th Apr, 2011


radiocide said on the 27th Apr, 2011

Cro-Mags just added if that hasn't been announced here yet. Holy shit!


Quicky said on the 27th Apr, 2011

I really want Mastodon to play :( I wonder who the other 3 are? The Used? All Time Low?


ZePpLiNs666 said on the 27th Apr, 2011

inb4 people wanting ratm announced in 24 hours.


ashryn said on the 27th Apr, 2011

I'm really curious about the 'thieving operators, incompetent /bar managers, etc' surely there must be some non-criminal elements in the Perth industry that could be employed..


adamtakchi said on the 27th Apr, 2011

if they make one regional date then people not it perth will miss out as well. if the people in perth are willing to travel for a regional show then they could travel to any other show. don't ruin it for the rest of us.


tyler07 said on the 27th Apr, 2011

Soooooooooooooo fucking keen on Cro-Mags. But will be more keen for RATM if they're playing haha.

Napoleon Solo

Napoleon Solo said on the 27th Apr, 2011

AJ is still a whining little bitch. I'm glad I can laugh at his rants year round now.


lukey26 said on the 27th Apr, 2011

I was wondering what AJ looks like. So I googled him. Turns out he's Creed.

Trent Slatter

Trent Slatter said on the 27th Apr, 2011

the longer they take with this announcement, the less chance i'm going. with splendour tix on sale next week they're fast running out of time to convince me.


demonofthefall said on the 28th Apr, 2011

Orange Goblin are playing SW next year.


deanoss said on the 28th Apr, 2011

As soundwave touring are presenting the Kyuss Lives tour, you can bet your bottom dollar on them being brought back for Soundwave Revolution... if you haven't already noticed a trend between those bands whose tours are promoted by soundwave and the next soundwave line up


demonofthefall said on the 28th Apr, 2011

I think Kyuss Lives are kind of an exception to that rule though, especially with SWR being relatively close to their own tour. I'm guessing they would be the kind of band that would've been quite hard to get to Australia. No way will they come back only five months later.


batdan said on the 28th Apr, 2011

the trickle feed continues...


metalmortal said on the 29th Apr, 2011

steel panther and cro-mags should play their own show(s) in perth. they're among the few bands of interest for me, coupled with the long-standing nanny state that is in operation at these festivals, where we're prohibited from even taking our own *unsealed* water container, like those durable water bottles that do a far better job of keeping water cold than the crappy soft plastic sealed bottles you buy water in. but that aside, the shifting of the public holiday to coincide with the massive squandering of money known as chogm, is yet another stark reminder of just how far up royal britania's arse this country is! (that is, when it's not cow-towing to the us, china or indonesia!)