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The Arthouse officiallyclosing

Over the last two decades The Arthouse has become somewhat of a punk rock institution in Melbourne. Hosting up to 20 bands every week and run by one family for its entire lease, the venue holds a special, albeit grimy, place in many punter’s hearts. Sadly, one year after venue manager Melanie Bodiam announced that The Arthouse was under financial stress from Victoria’s new liquor licensing laws, it will be closing its doors forever.

In a statement issued on Friday The Arty said: “The Arthouse Hotel is proud to announce closing celebrations to mark the end of 20 years of commitment to music, community and general mayhem. Lovingly run and lived in by one family for its entire 20 year lease, The Arthouse has gathered a larger extended family along the way. Music venue, recording studio, and home to many permanent and semi permanent residents, it has surely been a rare and wondrous establishment.”

The venue plans to go out with a bang and in true Arthouse style has announced a fortnight of gigs for dozens of bands, many of which helped put the venue on the map in the first place.

Horsell Common and Antiskeptic will both reform for a one-off farewell show for the Arty on Sunday April 10th. And other bands playing over the last fortnight of musical mayhem include, Mid Youth Crisis, Conation, Away From Now, Days Worth Fighting, No Grace, H-Block 101, Fuck…I’m Dead! Captain Cleanoff, Bodyjar, A Death in the Family, Lungs, The Nation Blue, Extortion, Hawaiian Islands and of course, Mindsnare.

For more information head to The Arthouse website.

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lukey26 said on the 15th Mar, 2011

Brian of The Gaslight Anthem dedicated his Soundwave set in Melbourne to the Arthouse closure. It was a truly moving way to end the day.

Spicy McHaggis

Spicy McHaggis said on the 15th Mar, 2011

Mel is far and away the nicest and most giving venue manager in the country. It's a real shame to see the Arty go.
Melbournites, if you don't get out to see H-block, Conatation, Nation Blue, Hawaiian Islands, MYC, Mindsnare, A Death in the Family and Lungs; you are clearly not a fan of Australian rock music.


MelonHCST said on the 16th Mar, 2011

only just found out about antiskeptic playing. but same night as jew. balls.
conation, nation blue and the last show will be a blast.


Atomic said on the 16th Mar, 2011

Another signicant part of Melb's history will disappear forever.


Jaytime said on the 16th Mar, 2011

hopefully at least make it to Melbourne for a show! Favourite Australian venue by far...


radiocide said on the 16th Mar, 2011

Goddamn I hope the Mindsnare show isn't sold out already...


lineofbestfit said on the 17th Mar, 2011

terrible frontman dedicates set to terrible hotel closing, what a shock. I only went there once for a getaway plan show with some crap band called away from now and the venue was terrible, the getaway plan were awesome though.


therat said on the 17th Mar, 2011

Where can you get tickets to the Bodyjar gig?

Spicy McHaggis

Spicy McHaggis said on the 17th Mar, 2011

This post sums up everything that is wrong with you Gman. Getaway plan are fucking woeful. Away from now are rather good. Arthouse is the best venue in the country.

You're a douche and you make me doubt the validity of the human race.


titfan said on the 18th Mar, 2011

this hurts my soul. devo the hawaiian islands show is already sold out


benjiman1981 said on the 18th Mar, 2011

if ANYONE has tickets or can get tickets to the sold out Mid Youth Crisis gig PLEASE let me know, I will perform favours of the utmost filth I promise you that. Email address is
I'm not even kidding. I will pay handsomely.


inmidair said on the 2nd Apr, 2011

sadly i can no longer make myc show, so i have to sell my tix, their on ebay at cost price (just search for "mid youth crisis"). thanks.


grattan said on the 28th May, 2012


Lucan said on the 28th May, 2012

Where is this Liberty Hotel? Saw a gig listed for it but a google search drew a blank.

The old Arthouse is some Irish bar now, "The Last Pint" or some similar sh!t.


grattan said on the 23rd Oct, 2012

After 20 years of cementing itself as one of Melbourne's greatest and most-loved live music venues, The Arthouse Hotel (or “The Arty” as it was affectionately known) sadly closed its doors in May 2011. Although the venue no longer exists, it's memory most definitely still remains and in commemoration of so many great times shared by so many people, a photo book has been compiled, showcasing years of live shots and features on bands that called the Arthouse "home". In celebration of the release of the book Home Is Where The Arty Is, The Reverence Hotel is hosting two huge nights of shows featuring 11 bands over Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of November.

Headlining the Saturday night show is the mighty H-BLOCK 101; the boys deciding to come out of retirement to play one last show in honour of their favourite venue. Joining them are The Hawaiian Islands, The Tearaways, Bloody Hammer, Slick 46 and The Union Pacific.

If that's not enough for you, the Sunday night show sees another Arthouse favourite reform after calling it quits in 2006. Melbourne's premier melodic hardcore maestros AWAY FROM NOW will be ripping it up one more time out of respect for the iconic venue they played at so often. Joining them will be Anchors, The Gun Runners, Camp David and Join the Amish.

Come down and bask in the memories and the music that made The Arty a second home for so many and experience The Reverence, undoubtably a new home for so many more.

Ticket information for the shows will be released very soon!