Image for Kings Of Leon move to ‘intimate venues’

Kings Of Leon move to‘intimate venues’

Late scheduling changes have been made by to the King of Leon’s March tour, to give punters in Brisbane and Adelaide “the opportunity to experience the Kings Of Leon live in environments similar in intimacy to those in Sydney and Melbourne”.

The venue and scheduling changes mean that:
– The Brisbane performance has moved from Sunday 6th March at QSAC Stadium to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Tuesday 8 March;
– The Adelaide Oval’s Sunday 13 March performance will now take place at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre with no change to the date, and;
– The Sydney ACER Arena performance on Tuesday 8 March has been rescheduled to Friday 11 March.

Ticketek will contact patrons in Adelaide and Brisbane with details regarding ticket exchange, while the tickets for the rescheduled Sydney show remain valid. Punters unable to attend the rescheduled dates can seek a refund prior to Friday 4th February at their original point of purchase.

Kings of Leon tour:

Tuesday 8th March – Brisbane Entertainment Centre (new venue and rescheduled date)
Thursday 10th March – ACER Arena, Sydney
Friday 11th March – ACER Arena, Sydney (rescheduled date)
Sunday 13th March – Adelaide Entertainment Centre (new venue)
Thursday 17th March – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Friday 18th March – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Monday 21th March – nib Stadium, Perth

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BrisJamin said on the 21st Jan, 2011

to be renamed: the we're shitter than pearl jam tour


andy_chalmers_102 said on the 21st Jan, 2011

Ah yes, nothing beats the intimacy of Acer Arena. It feels like the band is playing exclusively to me as I watch them through my binoculars.


Hinee said on the 21st Jan, 2011

I don't mind the Entertainment Centre, but fucks sakes, moving from a Sunday to Tuesday? Really?


SlowerQuieter said on the 21st Jan, 2011

Lemme guess, this means they're going to massive venues, bringing groupies back to the tour bus and playing the 'show' there?


redeyesandtears said on the 21st Jan, 2011

i thought it was a bit odd of them to book qsac in brisbane, given the size of bands that the venue sees are the likes of u2, pearl jam and acdc. the place is huge. i don't i doubt they could pull off a show there, but... hmmm...


asmithy_87 said on the 21st Jan, 2011

theyll probably change the perth venue later when they realise its an open roof. cant risk any more bird poo attacks.


kennsysmith said on the 21st Jan, 2011

Translates to "We're not as big as we thought we were, and poor ticket sales have dictated that we must downsize."


MorningAfterboy said on the 21st Jan, 2011

Are you honestly that naive in that you truly believe the band themselves had any say in where they were playing?

hedonism gibbon

hedonism gibbon said on the 22nd Jan, 2011

Acer Arena is about as intimate as a Mardi Gras parade


daveyac8881 said on the 22nd Jan, 2011

To be fair it was a fucking stupid move to put them at a football stadium in Adelaide. Hardly anything sells THAT well in Adelaide, Metallica's last Adelaide shows sold around half of what would have filled Adelaide Oval, ACDC only played one show there and I don't think they ended up fully selling it out. Any idiot knows KoL are definitely not on the same level or even close to the same level as any of them, I don't think most mainstream fans even know they have a fifth album?


redeyesandtears said on the 22nd Jan, 2011

@morningafterboy: was that to me?


lukey26 said on the 22nd Jan, 2011

So much for selling out...


ThatDude123 said on the 22nd Jan, 2011

Aren't those venues being used for sports anyway?