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Muse competition winners

Remember that super massive competition that gave you the chance to win a guitar signed by the band, tickets to their gig and the opportunity to meet Matt Bellamy and the boys backstage? All you had to do to enter was reinterpret the best riff of the decade Plug In Baby using any means necessary.

Well, after sifting through entries including riffs played on bottles of beer, on Mario Bros and of course a few Guitar Hero moments the winners can be announced.

The winner entry comes from Sinead Downes of Brisbane, who remixed the riff into something George Harrison would approve of with the help of the ‘Baby Indian Sitar’ setting on her keyboard.

The competition she facesd was so fierce that we had a tie for the runners up prize, with Melboune’s Finn Langham and Sydneysider Jack Shepherd both receiving the runners up prize. Langham’s phone call was one of the funniest entries we received, while Shepherd impressed us with a guitar he built from scratch using a design created by Matt Bellamy and guitar maker Hugh Manson.

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chico21 said on the 3rd Dec, 2010

mmm I thought the runners up were better. phone one is clever!


lukey26 said on the 3rd Dec, 2010

Despite the homemade guitar one being cool, it kind of broke the rule of 'no guitar allowed.'


MilkySheep said on the 3rd Dec, 2010

the phone one is awesome, much better than the winner.


death_in_vogue said on the 3rd Dec, 2010

As if the phone one didn't win...


Kapper_23 said on the 3rd Dec, 2010

dude, the phone one should have won for sure!


shazie said on the 3rd Dec, 2010

How did playing it on a keyboard win? I can't imagine the winner being introduced or something and saying "oh yeah I just played it on keyboard... but with a different sound than guitar! lololol creative :P"


Piko said on the 3rd Dec, 2010

Connections perhaps? who knows, I vote phone also for certain


polite_society said on the 3rd Dec, 2010

fuuuuck.. if that keyboard had won, i should have just rocked it on my c64, sigh. oh well.


kyza said on the 7th Dec, 2010

has anyone even looked at the Muse official website? The winner of the FL competition [as listed on] is Jack the Video Hits winner was ripped off as well, according to the Muse website.