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30 Seconds to Mars confirmedfor Soundwave

Although 30 Seconds to Mars is currently touring Australia the bend will be returning to play at the Soundwave festival in early 2011.

The band’s leadsinger Jared Leto announced from stage at the group’s Perth show earlier this week that the group would be returning soon.

The actor turned has further raised hopes that 30 Seconds will be playing Soundwave by responding on Twitter to the question “Did you really confirm coming back for Soundwave?” with a simple ‘Yes”.

Realising that the cat was well and truly out of the bag the festival has now confirmed that the band will be on the lineup for 2011.

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Head to the Soundwave all about page for all the latest news and announcements.

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sweet_sweet_tunes said on the 28th Jul, 2010

as long as they play battle of one, i don't mind


humanracin said on the 28th Jul, 2010

...needs more real bands

Captain Smashed

Captain Smashed said on the 28th Jul, 2010

it took me about 30 seconds to realise i don't give a fuck. hmm, actually... less than 30 second.


lukey26 said on the 28th Jul, 2010

i'll go. saw them a few years back, and despite leto being a bit of a douche, they were enjoyable and the crowd were great