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Stonefest line-up 2010

Australia’s longest running festival and one of the biggest events on Canberra’s music calendar is back with a huge line-up for 2010.

Heading up Stonefest this year is British dance-punks Does It Offend You, Yeah? in their only Australia show for the tour. Alongside them will be drum and bass giants Pendulum who have just released their third studio album Immersion.

The rock pigs of the nation’s capital will be happy to hear that Airbourne will be pulling out their best riffs at this year’s Stonefest along with Aussie legends Spiderbait and festival favourites Bluejuice.

FasterLouder presents Stonefest 2010:

Bliss n Eso
Does It Offend You, Yeah? (exclusive Australian show)
Clare Bowditch & The New Slang
The Panics
Operator Please
Cloud Control
Boy & Bear
Last Dinosaurs
Triple J Unearthed winner
Purple Sneakers DJ’s
Funktrust DJ’s
Swim Team DJ’s
Pang! DJ’s
Party By Jake DJ’s
Architect DJ’s

Stonefest takes place at Unversity of Canberra on 30th October 2010. Tickets on sale from Monday 12th July at 9am.

Check out all the action form Stonefest 2009 headlined by The Living End and Frenzal Rhomb.

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shazie said on the 30th Jun, 2010

Some nice bands there, haven't seen the panics in ages as well. Was in a random mood to see them lately as well.

Any indication on price this year?

Spicy McHaggis

Spicy McHaggis said on the 30th Jun, 2010

With that lineup I doubt it'll be under $100

The Great Monkey War

The Great Monkey War said on the 30th Jun, 2010

There's only one international on the bill... But I guess it's Canberra, so who knows.

I'm glad to see The Panics are playing, hopefully it means they could be touring again.


shazie said on the 1st Jul, 2010

Taken from stonefest website just then:

GA / 18+ - $94.40
VIP / 18+ - $171.40

Found out it's on the same day as my cousin's wedding (Oct 30th) so I'll give stonefest a miss. Shame though, pretty damn good price


secondclassciti said on the 1st Jul, 2010

A resounding "meh" from me for this year's lineup.


MilkySheep said on the 1st Jul, 2010

Wish it wasn't DIOYY's only Aussie show... they are always fun to see live.


HEAD OF STATE said on the 1st Jul, 2010

Wasn't this a rock festival? Should have remained as such!


Braveheart81 said on the 1st Jul, 2010

Do these guys tour biannually now?