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Tumbleweed writing new album

After fifteen years away from the stage, Tumbleweed made a triumphant return to Australian stages late last year with shows at Meredith, the Big Day Out tour and a New Years Eve “barn burner” at The Espy.

Now the original line-up of the band – Richie Lewis, Jason Curley, Lenny Curley, Paul Hausmeister and Steve O’Brien – has confirmed that they are writing material for a new album.

There is also a double CD featuring all of the band’s music released on the Waterfront label, which included the band’s 1992 self titled album, due for release.

Tumbleweed played two shows in Queensland at the weekend and return to The Hi-Fi in Melbourne on Friday 25 June.


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Chan_Marshall said on the 5th May, 2010

Best news of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mutton Chops

Mutton Chops said on the 5th May, 2010

This news, is indeed, the tits


grattan said on the 23rd Jul, 2012

Over two years on:

day off, in the eye of the storm, surveying the damage from the first 5 days recording, total destruction. 13 songs that make the old stuff sound like old stuff. Happiness :)


Piko said on the 23rd Jul, 2012

About bloody time. Not that many seemed to care 2 years ago


batdan said on the 23rd Jul, 2012

Just before my time on FL. I care <3


jacegalvin said on the 23rd Jul, 2012

Looking forward to this.


tyler07 said on the 23rd Jul, 2012

Awesome news! Gimme a Brisbane show!

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer said on the 24th Jul, 2012

Looks like a summer release and tour - hopefully including the festival circuit. I'd guess Soundwave, but Aussie acts rarely get a shot there.


batdan said on the 24th Jul, 2012

2nd announcment for BDO would be good

Balthazar B

Balthazar B said on the 28th Jul, 2012

I've seen 'em twice since the reformation (and many time back then)...

they still fucken rule.


tyler07 said on the 21st Aug, 2012