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Big Star Records shuts up shop

After 25 plus years in business Big Star Records city store sadly shuts up shop this week.

The iconic store which has been the place to buy music for generations of punters in Adelaide has also showcased many big acts with its basement mini-gigs over the years. The likes of Blink 182, Weezer, The Tea Party and You Am I having all played free shows to the hundred or so punters that could squeeze downstairs.

The closure adds yet another store to the list of independent records outlets in Adelaide that have dropped off the twig since the early 2000s – most notably Uni Records, Verandah Music, Bank St Records, Market Music and Andromeda Music.

All stock is currently 50 percent off until the doors shut for good on Sunday.


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hellboy1975 said on the 9th Mar, 2010

This sucks, but I haven't purchase anything from a record store in person for years now. As someone who rarely goes into town, it's easier to just order stuff online now.


Photo_man said on the 10th Mar, 2010

Sad, Sad news... once again the big guys are driving out the little ones. Such a great and iconic store.


rodismdotcom said on the 10th Mar, 2010

Big Star Marion is also either changing hands if they can find a buyer or shutting as well leaving on Rev Music as the sole independent store in the Adelaide CBD...


jeff3002 said on the 10th Mar, 2010

massively sucks, but how can you compete when your cd prices are $10 more than jb, and you hardly stock anything anymore!


jeff3002 said on the 10th Mar, 2010

rev music is the best - quite often i'll find albums cheaper if not the same price as jb. he'll order just about anything in you want as well


rodismdotcom said on the 10th Mar, 2010

Yeah Jeff true but somehow this doesn't seem to hurt Sanity - people still pay $30 for a CD there when they could get the same for under $20 at JB.

Rev is great, top selection, great prices and Greg the owner is a top bloke.


meistro said on the 10th Mar, 2010

paying anywhere near $30 for a cd (sometimes upwards of $35 in sanity) these days seems utterly mad. the industry's changing so much that independent stores haven't a hope unless they drop prices and add incentives - and even then it's tough to get people to buy cd's. it's sad, but somewhat unsurprising - which is sad again - especially for big star... digital has paved a way for so much to move forward and in the case of big star and the like, leaving a wake of destruction behind. going to miss sorting through the vinyl, old and new... but then again if you want vinyl, it's cheaper to buy online. i dunno, not happy it's going, but it seems like it was bound to happen... and jesus there were some tops gigs and signings in that basement back in the day.


death_in_vogue said on the 10th Mar, 2010

wow that's pretty disappointing, but like others, i'm not surprised.i think i've only bought a cd from big star a couple of times and that was just because jb, sanity etc didn't stock it (and before i discovered the joys of ebay). sad to see them go.


silveretta said on the 10th Mar, 2010

I haven't been in there for quite awhile now, but it will be sad to see it go. I used to look through the vinyls and music merch downstairs every time I was in the city. Never really bought CD's from there because, like people have said they were more expensive. But I'll have to try to get there before it shuts.


badjonni said on the 10th Mar, 2010

its a shame these stores are closing there was nothing like the feeling of flipping through lps to find a hidden gem


Bobby_Tyger said on the 10th Mar, 2010

50% off at the moment...


rodismdotcom said on the 11th Mar, 2010

I bet there is nothing left in the Chantoozies section after you left...


DougieAndJayney said on the 11th Mar, 2010

spewing you didn't get in there fast enough, rodney?


rodismdotcom said on the 12th Mar, 2010

Had a look today, not much left, picked up a Dallas Crane single for 50c.


rodismdotcom said on the 13th Mar, 2010

I have had a lot of good purchases from the store over the years and the people who work there have always been polite and helpful so I felt like i should buy something.