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The Vines stage a comeback

All has been quiet from The Vines camp since late-2008, when the band cancelled its upcoming tour commitments in the interest of Craig Nicholls’ mental health. A couple of months back, drummer Hamish Rosser assured FasterLouder that the guys were back in the studio working on new material, with plans to return to the live arena in 2010.

On Saturday night in Sydney, though, The Vines decided to jump the gun with a clandestine show supporting You Am I at the Annandale Hotel. Billed as The Crimes, the four-piece (with Red Riders recruit Brad Heald back on bass) put in a rollicking performance before the headliner. A new song from the forthcoming album got a workout alongside the likes of Get Free and Ride, with a clearly happy Nicholls in fine form.

As FL’s reviewer Chris Familton writes of the show: “Gone were the erratic tantrums and unpredictability from the frontman. The signs were still there but he appeared relaxed and enjoying clearing out the cobwebs.” Read the full review here.

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sarahanne said on the 16th Nov, 2009

It really was a good set by them. Craig was happy and the band, in general, seemed reallt at ease. Craig's voice was also great!


kinksta said on the 16th Nov, 2009

great to hear, now lets hope they play a date in melbourne some time soon so i can go!


Piko said on the 16th Nov, 2009

You Am I do some great work helping bands with support positions, they always have. I recall them bring a little known band named The Strokes out here.


tyler07 said on the 16th Nov, 2009


....sorry always wanted to try it.


clashpalace said on the 16th Nov, 2009

Wonder how long this will last....


Rarr-Nae said on the 16th Nov, 2009

put them on bdo as they pulled out this year, it would make the lineup more appealing...


Stackboy said on the 17th Nov, 2009

i love the vines. i don't care how many times they fall apart and then come back.


gumbuoy said on the 17th Nov, 2009

ive always had a soft spot for the vines, first album is pretty good, and the two times ive seen em at splendour have been tops.

Barry Wom

Barry Wom said on the 17th Nov, 2009

credit to craig for using his asperger's for the greater good, resulting in the vines being banned forever from the airwaves of triple m. surely not being played by those bogan peanuts increases your cred as a rock band? more power to them.


shanti_lttl said on the 19th Nov, 2009

Hmm, I don't like some of these comments. As an Asperger's sufferer I know how hard it can be. When you seem to have overcome a few obstacles the stress can make you crash and burn at the most inconvenient moments.
So yeah it's not always going to be smooth sailing for Craig.
Oh well, you people just proved how ignorant the world can be about Asperger's.


BTIazza said on the 19th Nov, 2009

^^I still dont like The Vines^^